Recommendation for schmooshy soft leather hobo

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  1. I really thought the MBMJ Hillier hobo would be my ideal winter bag....until I tried it on today in Nordys. Yes, the leather was soft, but I didn't care for the thick pebbly texture. Can someone suggest some nice soft slouchy medium sized hobos that come in the brown/caramel family? $800 is my upper limit.

  2. great suggestion! I never saw that bag before. I love the hazelnut color.....not !00% sure about all those exterior zippers and the tacky 'lip' lining. But the general shape, schmooshy look and color is just what I was looking for.....thanks
  3. Linea Pelle leather is so yummy smooshy.
  4. I like the look of that leather-nice and smooth.......not a fan of big thick tassles though-is it removable? I wonder if it's not easily accessible with that fold over flap(?)
  5. I'll check out that brand-thanks
  6. the luggage color is nice!
  7. I prefer your Astor hobo. I tried one on at my Nords and found it very comfy. The shoulder strap was very generous as well. Definitely check it out if you can. And I do. Ot think the studs are tacky. They are understated and in moderation. I will eventually get one.
  8. Something by Cole Haan? The Village hobo is soft.
  9. I agree with Doreen.
    I have a Cole Haan hobo and I love it.