Recommendation for non-edible bones for REALLY tough chewers?

  1. My girl usually chews on the nylabone galileo, which is a non-edible nylon bone. She loves it, but I don't because tiny little pieces come off which I think she swallows. Nylabone states that it is safe for these small pieces to be digested because they will just be passed, but I am afraid that the pieces might get stuck in her intestines or scratch them while going through.

    Can anyone recommend a really strong bone? Thanks in advance :heart:
  2. If you are looking for a way to keep your dog busy, buy a Kong toy and stuff the hole with peanut butter and freeze it. Your dog will be working on it for a long time trying to get the peanut butter out. Here's a link with other suggestions of food you can put in the Kong.
  3. ^My 3 pugs love Kongs! They are very tough chewers too. They can destroy some stuffed toys or bones in a matter of seconds, which is very scary because they will swallow pretty much anything. I always give my pugs nylabones and Kongs. I also always buy them Nylabones and Kongs one size larger, so they are extra tough just to be safe.
  4. I was going to suggest getting a Kong also! Our dogs love them. We shove biscuits in ours so it's hard to get them out.

    They have several different types, and I believe the black ones are the toughest (more durable and stiffer than the red ones).
  5. I agree with the Kongs also.
  6. Yup a black kong is the best way to go...the red is good too but the black one is made out of the toughest and safest material.

    that would be your best bet!
  7. The black Kong seems to be the favorite. I am going to pick one up tomorrow. Thanks everyone :heart:
  8. Go for the Kong chews. They come in many different sizes and shapes. Kongs are the best!
  9. If you freeze peanut butter in the black kong overnight it will keep your dog busy for hours. :rolleyes:
  10. at my local pet store, they sell these natural bones that appear to be smoked. they're filled with marrow and my dogs love them. they can't seem to destroy them either.
  11. My trainer says to also do the frozen peanut butter thing with cow hoofs....which require severe chewing softening the pieces before they'd ever come off so they are okay. She also said do the frozen peanut butter with sterilized bones. Or if the dog is heavier and you don't want them to have the fatty peanut butter to freeze canned pumpkin inside them. My dog likes her kongs okay..but she LOVES her sterilized bone with some frozen peanut butter in it.
  12. ^ That's really interesting, I never would have thought to use canned pumpkin! But pumpkin is actually an ingredient in one of my dog's foods. I might have to try that as a special treat.

    Also, for those of you with dogs that like to chew but aren't necessarily "heavy" chewers, the red Kongs are great. That's what we use for our two beagles. They get a Kong pretty much 1-2x a day, and they hold up very very well. :tup: I'd only get the black Kong if your dog is very hard on their chew toys.
  13. Yep, is the one toy my mom's German Shepherd cannot destroy!
  14. I'm with everyone else, black kongs are the way to go! They give them to some of the animals at the national zoo too. They're tough enough to take that abuse too.
  15. I'm going to try one of these too. I almost picked one up at Petsmart, but I was afraid my dog would chew right through it. She goes through a plastic nylabone in about .5 seconds.