Recommendation for my first Chanel?

  1. Hello Chanel Ladies,

    I'm considering buying a Chanel. I only have LV/Coach/Ferragamo handbags currently (LV Deauville, Vavin GM, Coah large hobo, small black Ferragamo). I don't know my Chanel styles, leathers, colors, but am planning to learn from this subforum. I'd prefer a shoulder bag, a tote might work also. I prefer zippers over flaps, and want something classic that will last through the years, but not something too granny-ish (just turned 30 this year). xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    {re-read those rules please!}
    What would you recommend as a good Chanel to buy as a first piece?

  2. Oh yes, and pics would be appreciated, since I'm not familiar with the style names yet!
  3. Oops, sorry! I will reread!
  4. If you like a zippered tote, I'd suggest a Medallion Tote or a Vintage Ligne Tote, both are in the Reference Library:yes: