Recommendation for leather polish (fading corners)

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    What do you guys use to touch up your Chanel bags? I use to use the meltonian shoe cream in the black color to use on my black caviar jumbo but they have been discontinued. Any recommendation on what I should use now?
  2. I've never tried this on Chanel but I've heard good things about Saphir creme surfine. But first I would try conditioner. Usually conditioner used regularly keeps a bag from losing color.
  3. thank you! I will check them out
  4. Which conditioner do you recommend I use?
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  6. My Chanel SA recommended me the TRG shoe cream in 170 delicate.

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  7. It's a shoe cream. Are you supposed to use it on bags too?
  8. Yes, he recommended this shoe cream for my white caviar classic flap when I bought it in his boutique. I didn't have any occasion to use it yet since I didn't get any dirt/stain on the white bag, but it's good to have something in case.
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  9. Thank you! I will check that one out also