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Where Should I Go On Vacation?

  1. All Inclusive Jamaica/Carribean

  2. Las Vegas

  3. Paris

  4. Carribean Cruise

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  1. Hi all,
    I know it's only May (almost June), but I'm starting to think of christmas vacation. I want to start shopping around for places, and book it in August (plus almost everyone has to put in for vacation time)
    This year my hubby & I have decided to boycott Christmas and go on vacation. My Mom (who is recently divorced and 52) also wants to boycott and come with us (which we totally want!), and my younger brother (he's 26) and brother-in-law (44).
    Everyone wants to go somewhere warm and hot. I am anti-beach (it's soooo boring to me) so I thought of a cruise. No one seems to support that idea. They want an all-inclusive in Jamaica (or somewhere thereabouts).
    My dream would be Paris at christmas...but doesn't fit into the warm weather thing.
    We have a budget of around 2-4K per person - including airfare. We are not athletic, we don't really drink, 1/2 of us like to gamble, the women love to shop, and the guys all like water.
    So what would you do??!!??
    Any recommendations??
  2. Buenos Aires is hot at Christmas, has great shopping, and is on the water.
  3. Well, at Christmas I chose the first one. Can't beat the Caribbean or even Maui at Christmas!
  4. Its not hard to figure out what I voted for! :P
  5. ^ hmmmm . . . . lemme think . . . .

  6. :lol:
    I am but a simple creature, Swanky :P
  7. Have they cruised before? If not they may have preconceived notions. I know I did and I'm now a confirmed cruiser, having been to almost every Caribbean island ships call at, and Bermuda.

    There's not all that much to do in Jamaica. All inclusive sounds kind of confining. So if you don't want to sit on the beach or by the pool *yawn* I don't see the attraction. A cruise offers a lot to do on the ship, you can be as social or anti :biggrin: as you want. Plenty to do in port too- tours are great, shopping is always good for souvenirs although there are no real bargains on big ticket items like jewelry as some would have you believe. I mean, they're islands-the stuff has to be imported.

    Always plenty to eat, a variety of lounges, entertainment on board and the occasional good comedian or magic act is worth seeing. Not to mention the thrill of being on the open ocean. Nothing like it. I'd vote cruise for Christmas.
  8. If it's your trip they should shut up and be happy with Paris! I've always wanted to go! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. I voted Caribbean...nothing beats beautiful sunshine and beaches to me!
  10. Yep, yep, i'm voting for the Caribbean too. hehehhe.
  11. Thanks all! The trip was kind of mine & Mom's idea. Mom lives in Canada so it's around -50 celcius for her which is why she wants warm.
    She has friends rave about the all-inclusive vacations...but I don't know..beach bumming doesn't do anything for me (I'm apparently the odd one out because everyone else going likes to veg out on the beach).
    I found one cruise which leaves out of New Orleans, which would be great because we could spend a day there seeing the French Quarter and then cruise (it makes 4 stops, one of which is Mexican Riviera - the Mayan ruins..which I have wanted to see).
    I'm not getting any support at all for Europe from any of the people going with me...they're such party-poopers! I may have to talk hubby into it for next year's Spring Break!
  12. cruises are so sooo much fun especially with great company! and the great things is all meals and accomadation are included so all you pay for are drinks (which btw are dirt cheap cos theres no tax like $1-$2 for a standard drink and $5 for cocktails) andd if the boat has a casion like the one i went on we didnt gamble but it nice to have the option. btw go for the cheapest rooms cos you honestly only stay there to sleep, the rest is at the pool, bars and activities and not to mention the great stop offs on islands (pick the ones with the most stop offs so you can see stuff) its s o much fun youll love it, that bieng said my freind went on one with her family and they had a huge falling out on the boat the whole luxury trip was wasted due to all the *****ing and fighting, be as nice as possible on holidays theres noone to run to!
  13. unlesss u live for cold weather (and i imagine Paris would be gorge in winter) dont do it save the money and go in summer ull appreciate it much more
  14. I say Las Vegas. For the money you guys can have a lot of fun! Plenty of fabulous shopping for the ladies. Plenty of gambling for those who like to. For those who don't there are shows, nightclubs, fabulous restaurants, unbelievable pools.... The Hard Rock Hotel even has a man-made beach by the pool. For those who really like the water you can take a very short ride to Lake Mead and rent a boat and do some waterskiing, etc. While you're there you can even check out Hoover Dam. Another fun thing to do is take a helicopter ride or a small plane ride over the Grand Canyon. There's countless things to do in Vegas.
  15. I voted for Paris....But the cruise sounds like it could be a great compromise between everyone....there is shopping, gambling, excursions, etc so everyone should be able to find something fun to do.