Recommendation for a Travel Makeup bag


Jun 4, 2007
I will be going away for a week in December and am desperately search for a travel makeup case which is cute, has multiple compartments and perhaps in the shape of a laptop bag so that it is easier for me to pack into my luggage. I love the one from Stephanie Johnson, but I dont really fancy the prints available.

would appreciate any other recommendations :smile:


in an orange abyss
Nov 24, 2008
If you are near Bendel's, they have a great hanging multiple compartment bag that folds flat. They also have one that is flat (the size of a laptop) with one clear zipper compartment at the top (kind of like the SJ Jenny style bag). Unfortunately, they don't have the full selection of makeup bags on the website. I love the traditional brown & white stripes - it makes me nostalgic for the old Bendel's. Sigh....

Neiman's usually has hanging, folding makeup bags in different designs & sizes somewhere in the beauty department - if you don't see them set out, ask an SA. They've been able to bring out various makeup bags along with mirrors that were not on the floor (why don't they display these items?). I haven't seen as many at Saks, but they occasionally have nice makeup bags as well.

Sephora has a black hanging bag with multiple compartments in their own line of makeup bags.

SJ has new patterns & colors every season, so you may like something that comes up later. They are great bags, durable & very useful.

All of the makeup bags I mentioned have clear compartments so you can see your makeup easily & keep it organized.

HTH :smile: