Recommendation for a medium sized shoulder bag

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  1. Hi just got my Hampstead MM a few days ago but decided its really too big for my daily use. I'm thinking of returning it and exchanging it for a smaller shoulder bag. Does anyone have any recommendations? :blush: Thx
  2. Are you wanting to stay with Damier? If so, maybe the parioli or if you want to go monogram the bh or ph.
  3. shoulder bags, I love my piano, BH or my most recent favorite is the MC aurelia which I picked up in black and white.
  4. Did you not like the pm? The Hampstead is a really nice bag!
  5. if it's Monogram, i suggest the Popincourt Haut :yes:. i love mine
  6. If you still want damier - ravello GM, illovo MM(tho a little plain)
    MC - lodge PM, sologne
    mono - PH (if you want it zipped), BH/BV, cabas piano
    epi - turenne, jasmin, soufflot, segur
  7. Batignolles Vertical
    Aurelia MM
    Cabas Piano
  8. if you want to get something in mono, go for BV or PH :smile:
  9. My suggestions:
    Popincourt Haut
    Looping MM
    Petit Bucket
  10. Ohh I've posted this so many times before--Beverly MM! I am sooo obsessed with that bag. If I don't buy it soon I'll go CRAZY!

    Otherwise, I like the Popincourt Haut too!
  11. thanks for all your recommendations :blush: I've actually shortlisted Illovo MM, Parioli, Popincourt Haut, Tulum PM and Sonatine. Planning to go down to the store this weekend to test them out.

    LAmakeup: I like the Hampstead PM but a pity its not a shoulder bag :shame:
  12. Popincourt Haut, Beverly MM, or Piano.
  13. Popincourt haut for a medium sized bag!
  14. I say the Manhattan PM!
  15. Mono Cabas Piano