Recommendation for a LV bag for work functions that only LV buyers know is LV...

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  1. Hi Everyone
    I'm looking for a LV bag that I can use to go to work functions that is LV but only people who know LV knows it is LV.

    Pretty much, not monogram, damier Ebene, or Damier Azur.

    I have a reservation for a Lumi Emp Black bag - but even that is stamped LV.

    Sometimes you know, it is just not really the time to carry something with LV all over it in some settings. I still love LV quality, and just can't bring myself to purchase a non-LV bag - really just doesn't seem worth the money for something else.

    Do you think Epi would work?

    I need to be able to carry files 8 x 11, my ipad, phone, my wallet.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. How about a Brea or Mirabeau in Epi leather. Both are larfe enough to carry work related items and are classy as all heck.
  3. I like the Mirabeau. Does anyone have one who uses it for work? How is the clasp? Does it bother you?
  4. The Mira is not suitable I think to carry files. I would recommend the Brea GM or the Madeleine GM (discontinued - so look in preloved market). Both are structured, understated and most suitable for work :thumbup:
  5. My vote will be Brea in epi electric black
  6. I have the Epi black alma and I love her to bits!!! Highly recommend :smile:
  7. Pont-nuef GM has a zip
  8. Epi Neverfull MM Noir or Sofia Coppola
  9. +1, in addition I also like the Brea, and Epi Alma
  10. SC and EPI l
  11. +1 I have this bag and it is very versatile, understated, and classy. Easily my fave of all my bags. Can't go wrong. :tup:
  12. Epi Neverfull or Brea
  13. Brea in Epi is a great bag for work and it doesn't scream LV. Great leather but might get too heavy if you put too much in it. Good luck in your decision:smile:
  14. Epi NF mm or epi brea GM. I have both and I got them for work.
  15. Brea in black epi gets my vote :smile: