Recommendation for a Ferragamo purse neophyte?


Singing the Sorrow
I've been obsessed with Ferragamo shoes forever (have a tone of the bow flats), but have never bought a purse. I have a Ferragamo store very close to my house, but am a bit too intimidated to go in. Any ideas as to what is a good starter bag for a first time Ferragamo purse collector? I saw a style called the Fara online and thought it was lovely - is this a permanent style?

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks! :smile:
Nov 11, 2009
Maybe youshould try Sophia... Walk in the store with confidence and just try one! let us know how it goes... U can NEVER go wrong with Ferragamo!


Sep 11, 2010
I agreed with klasychanel2009. Sofia is such a great handbag. You can search for pics in this forum.