Recommend your SA in the LA area please!

Jul 22, 2008
I have been a loyal LV fan for years and I have purchased quite a bit while on vacation in other areas. Now that I am more situated in LA I would like to have one SA I can rely on and that is friendly. I have had bad luck with rude SA's in the past. So please if anyone lives in the LA area and can recommend a SA to me I would truly appreciate it! Thanks! I open to the BH store, the Hollywood store, Topanga, and the Sak's in BH.


Nov 28, 2006
Walking distance to Rodeo Drive
I used to like Lovey in the BH LV but not anymore. I have not been able to find the perfect SA either.

I am not sure of her name but she has long dark hair and she works at the LV in NM at Topanga and she has always been very nice to me when I am in there.

Since you are in the LA you should join us for a tpf meet. Maybe someone at the meet can recommend an SA


Jan 22, 2010
Los Angeles
Theresa at the Beverly Center Louis Vuitton is a doll! She is so nice and overly helpful, and she is great at remembering info about her customers. I used to use whoever whenever I walked into the store because I didn't shop all that often, but after complaining about a terrible SA, she has been really helpful. I will only go to her now :smile: She is also the Leather Goods Manager so she really knows what she is talking about!