Recommend the best makeup brushes please?

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  1. I've been looking at MAC, SEPHORA and BOBBI BROWN. I'm leaning towards Bobbi Brown but wanted to check here first b-cuz these brushes are not cheap

    Any suggestions? I'd prefer a set if I can find one

    I've also seen a NARS brush set online. I was drawn to it b-cz it was like 20 pieces or so. But I don't know anything about this brand
  2. I had purchased 4 MAC brushes due to all the hype about using expensive brushes, when I saw this video which made me completely change my mind.

    Hope it helps. :smile: The brushes are the same exact quality as MAC, and under $10 each. Love them!:yahoo:
  3. They have a BM brush set at Sephora or Ulta online. Their brushes are soft and I love them.
  4. TOTALLY agree with niasb. I've been subscribed to EnKoreMakeups youtube station for awhile, and he has the best advice!!

    I have bought 2 Loew-Cornell brushes, and they are just as good as my Chanel brushes!
  5. question off topic: how do yo subscribe to Enkormakeups on youtube? I am a member of youtube, and able to view his videos.. do you have to subscribe to him some how?
  6. I have a mix of MAC, Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura brushes... all three are amazing quality and last for years and years if you take care of them... I've had my MAC ones for about 5 years now and as good as new, Bobbi Brown I've had for longer and its mega mega soft... no frays or strays at all! as for Shu, I dont think I need to promote them, once you see or feel their brushes, it'll speak for itself, truly amazing! you cant go wrong with either! good luck!
  7. i like MAC brushes & shu uemura :tup:
  8. i like sephora silver (platinum?) brand brushes. i also have nars, bobbi brown, mac, trish mcevoy, and laura mercier. bobbi brown was my original favorite, but i find that the wood handles dent and loose their luster over time...and my blush brush seperated from the wood handle (where the metal meets the wood) so now i have to continuously glue it back together. they have great full and travel sizes, though. mac brushes are pretty good, but i'm not always so sure about their quality. i love the shape of their blush brush, but it sheds and the bristles tend to get all bunched up. all the rest have been fine, no probs. love my sephora brushes cuz they are so soft, decently priced, and work amazingly! they have a great selection of sizes and shapes too. i've always wanted to splurge on shu uemura, but have so many brushes now, it doesn't seem worth it! if i was going to pick a new set, i would look at the shapes of the brushes included, pick a decent brand, and go for it!
  9. Sephora has the best powder brush{silver}! its huge but its so soft and my powder goes on my face accurately (no shine spots).

    I have MAC foundation brush, which is really good as well. my foundation goes on evenly with no streaks.

    I have the diorshow blush brush, and although I like the way the makeup goes on my face, the handle broke! so dont buy that! (i still use it even though its shortened

    for my eyes, I generally like to buy these eyeshadow applicators from CVS (disposable and only cost like $1.99 for a pack of 15)

  10. I'm generally a lazy person :lol:, so subscribing to his channel just means I can see his videos with one click, instead of typing in his name first, and it will show me when he puts up new videos.

    When watching a video you'll see a big yellow button to the right of the video description that says "subscribe".

  11. whoops, i meant to say that the metal (not the wood) on my bobbi brown brushes are dented. but that was also pre-brush roll (when i used to keep my brushes in my makeup bag) and my brushes got pretty banged up. the handles really do look fine, maybe it's just because i prefer a black or silver brush handle...
  12. I've had my MAC brushes for about 10 years and they're good as new. I have a few Chanel brushes too. All have held up extremely well since I wash them every 1-2 weeks.
  13. I love Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Trish McEvoy, and Kevyn Aucoin brushes!
  14. Love my MAC brushes...My Nars- started sheding some.
    Bare essential Brushes Harden- I don't know why but they end up feeling scratchy after a while, and I've had a lot of them due to the kits at QVC- They always offer brushes with the sets. But the brushes always end up feeling scratchy after a while- Which becomes very annoying & disapointing.

  15. Wow 10 years? that says a lot about MAC brushes.

    I keep going back to looking at Bobbi Brown though. Not sure why...