Recommend one...GST vs COTTON CLUB vs MEDALLION???

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking to purchase a black tote bag for daily use. Which would your recommend? It's either a GST or cotton club tote or the medallion tote? Or if you have any other suggestions... I appreciate it! Thanks.

  2. i personally think GST is great for daily use..
    i dont have one, but i have the PST and i dont have to care about it so much, since it can be easily cleaned:smile:
  3. GST!!!! Its also my next purchase.
  4. ok, here is what i think.

    i have the gst and medallion. don't have cotton club.

    medallion i would not use for everyday beause the handles will get soft and droopy. personally, i HATE that. but i guess you can get them fixed when that happens at chanel.

    The handles will loose their shape and droop after long term use.

    The GST is better for everyday but keep in mind that the bag is open. there is a middle zipper compartment, but the two sides are open. so if you are in the city or riding public trans. that is something to think about.

    Also, the GST has two leather straps at the top of the chain handles and those get soft after awhile. That might not bother you, but that kind of stuff makes me CRAZY.

    I like the vinyl cabas for a throw around bag. The silver chain straps have vinyl interwined so you don't have to worry about wear and the vinyl body of the bag is worry free.

    good luck!
  5. My first choice would be the cotton club tote followed by GST.
  6. i like the medallion tote becuase it closes all the way, having said that, i just recently purchased the GST, but, as u may or may not know, i'm now considering to either eBay or return it...i think the cotton club is great, love the new metallic, as u can see by now, i am no help. i can barely make up my mind, let alone help someone else
    good luck!! but u can't go wrong with any of them, they are all great
  7. i just re-read your post and you are also open to here is another one in addition to my suggestion about the vinyl cabas..i have a great cloth backpack that I love! i am acutally carrying it today...i'll post a pic..i also have the matching wrap to it. i use this when i go rollarblading or running errands. i like to throw both straps over one shoulder and go!

    also, if it gets dirty i can just take it to the dry cleaner!

    i love that!


    cc backpack 001.jpg cc backpack 002.jpg

  8. omg takeout! you are HYSTERICAL! LOVE IT!
  9. gst! definitely.
  10. I have the Cotton Club Tote and I've been using it everyday. So far I've had no problems. Choose which you like best, everyone has different tastes.
  11. I don't have any of the three bags, but if i had to choose, my first choice would be GSt, then cotton club, and then medallion. I've tried the medallion on at the store and its quite uncomfortable over the shoulder. I really like the GST...its such a classic!!! it's really large and roomy, but I hear its also quite heavy.
  12. The Cotton Club DOES close all the way and has 2 zippered compartments, pen holder(s) and a cell phone pocket inside.
  13. ^^I agree. I think the Cotton Club would be first and then the GST. The GST is a wonderful bag, but it is open except for the middle compartment. I love both of these bags and they have a nice shoulder drop on the straps.
  14. I have all three and here are the great points ("Pros") about each (there are really nothing that i myself would call a "con", just some points to consider: (and all 3 purses are total classics and very durable)
    1. GST - hold alot, gorgeous, is in the durable caviar leather and i never found mine heavy and i am petite. But as mentioned above, there are two open slots on either side of the zippered one - this does not bother me, but it does some.
    2. MEDALLION - does not hold as much as the other two, but is gorgeous (i have it in pink) also if you get it in a lighter color, the bottom 4 corners rub more (i.e., the leather scrapes off somewhat) than other chanels. If you don't carry alot daily, this is the perfect bag. Also in the durable caviar leather
    3. COTTON CLUB - the perfect everyday bag if you need a bag that carries everything from the essentials to a pair of flip flops or a snack or a magazine - holds a ton, is soft and doesnt get heavy, has the zippered diagonal compartment on the front which is big enuf to hold a cell amongst other things, plenty of compartments inside. Can be knocked around with no worry at all because the quilted leather is "antiqued"

    hope this helps
  15. I vote for the Cotton Club tote. Although gorgeous, I had a GST but returned it because I felt it was too bulky/boxy for me to carry comfortably on my shoulder. And the Medallion tote seems a bit small and hard to get in and out of for daily use.