Recommend me an LV Belt

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  1. I'm a college student (1 more year until I graduate), and I have about $230 credit at LV. I'm willing to put down more money for a belt though. I wear a lot of casual clothes, but like to dress up too (blazers, tie, dress shirts).
    I'm not sure of whether to get the new Anagramme Belt or an Intials Belt (Graphite, Ebene, Azur)
    I have the 6CC Ebene Wallet. I'm thinking about purchasing a graphite keepall in the near future though.. I'm not sure which belt I should get. Give me some opinions thanks TPF! :yahoo:
  2. Initials belt in Azur! Love it! The light color makes it really stand out against like jeans or like a dress, and even on light colors it looks fab! I have one too, haha! lurrv it! looks really good with high waisted anything.
  3. I'm narrowing it down to:
    Anagramme Belt
    Graphite Belt
    Ebene Belt.

    I'm leaning towards Graphite more... Is it weird even though I have the ebene wallet?