Recommend me a foundation!

  1. I've been using Everyday Minerals Intensive Formula foundation, but I feel that it just doesn't give me the coverage I need, and it slides right off! I have flushed/red skin around my cheeks and around nose/mouth, and need that coverage. However, I don't want to take a gazillion hours using concealer and foundation!

    So, please recommend me a long-lasting foundation suitable for dry, but oily, acne-prone skin! I also have yellow tones, so a range with pink tints won't work (I've tried BE, but none matched my skin.) I've also tried some MAC and Laura Mercier, but I'll really take any suggestion! I'd prefer it if I can get color-matched somewhere since I'm kind of bad at it.

  2. Have you tried the pressed foundation by Jane Iredale? It stays on pretty good for oily skin and offers good coverage. They definitely have more color selection than BE. You can find a spa/specialty store that carries it in our area on their official web page. I have oily skin that is sensitive and dehydrated and it works well for me.
  3. Napoleon Perdis makes some good ones - i think he's just opened up in the US, but his stuff is available online. Go in and try them out... the girls are always a great help and they apply everything for you without pressure to buy.

    He has one called "light diffusing" which is a bit heavier and has that "dewy look."

    I just bought one called china doll; it's my very first go at foundation yay! I got it because my best friend wears it and I had no idea she even wore foundation until she told me. It's liquid and dries to a fine fine powder. I think there's also one called "minimal makeup" which is designed to look like you're not wearing any.

    The best thing about his foundations is that there seems to be a shade that suits everyone - I have yellow to olive tones (but am somehow still pale - go figure!) and the colour match was perfect.
  4. i swear by Armani foundation.
  5. YES. I LOVE ARMANI FOUNDATION...WITH THE USE OF THE ARMANI MASTER looks so smooth and you can adjust how thick/thin it is just by how much you put on. I use the Armani DESIGNER shaping foundation which is more for night time use but during the day i just put a VERY THIN layer (over the armani master primer) and it looks great! it's a bit pricy but a little goes a long way so it lasts me a whole year. i get compliments ALL the time on how smooth and silky my face looks and they think it's because of my Skin care regimine. THey always ask me "What face wash do you use? what moisturizer do you use?" lol. they also have other different kinds of foundations like the luminous silk foundation or the matte silk foundation..all are great and they dont break out my skin...give a look see on their website..btw the are only located in Saks =(^F1_FACE^F2_FACE_FOUNDATIONS&TopCat=F2_FACE_FOUNDATIONS
  6. I've been using MAC studio fix fluid foundation with spf 15 (I think it's oil free) and has no complains whatsoever. It works great.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions! I'm really curious about the Armani foundation...I have a gift card at Saks so that would be PERFECT.

    What other lines are at Saks? What do you girls think of Chanel?
  8. Some other lines at saks are YSL, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Dior, Bobby Brown, etc. I haven't tried Chanel but I heard their foundation is kind of strong and not good for sensitive/acne prone skin...
  9. I see. I'm definitely giving Armani a try, then! I just hope they find me a color that matches my skin tone!

    What do you mean the Designer foundation is for nighttime use? What's the difference?
  10. I also use MAC Studio Fix foundation. Works well for me.
  11. ^ Do you use the powder or liquid? I used to use the powder a few years back, but I remember it broke me out and was pretty heavy. It DID cover up my imperfections, though!
  12. I use the powder. I'm sorry to hear you broke out from it. The funny thing is my friend asked me the other day what foundation I use, and when I told her she told me it made her break out too. Weird! It is pretty heavy though, but it does cover up well. Now I'm thinking of trying the Armani one based on the reviews above. I love trying new brands. tPF is so bad for my wallet, lol.
  13. Well the Designer Shaping foundation is very THICK (only need a little to cover your whole face) and it makes your skin look like PORCELIAN so i dont know if you want that look during the day but can dramatically tone it down by putting a very light layer. it still looks awesome though! dont forget to get the PRIMER also! it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

    btw..9/10 girls i know, MAC studiofix broke them out >_< i dont recommend it if you have sensitive didnt break me out but thats only because I MADE SURE i washed my face twice and to not leave any trace of the foundation on my skin when i went to was a nice coverage though [:

    let us know how the foundation works and what you chose =)

  14. okay for reference here are some pics u can compare the color with my neck/body color...personally i love it so hope this helps a little...(this is used with the armani master primier )

    Oh yeah sorry for the funny pics i was drunk in all of them >_<






    and taken OUTSIDE just for reference:


    btw, these pics are NOT PHOTOSHOPPED! my cam is the canon 8 megapixel powershot so it takes EVERYTHING and as you can see did not add any GLARE or BRIGHTNESS so what you see is what you get!
  15. Ok, first off... you are so pretty!

    Your make up looks great!!! You have amazing skin. Your pictures have convinced me to give this a try, lol. Thanks for posting these!