Recommend large bag to use w/ little kids


Aug 7, 2009
I need to find a large bag to carry stuff for my baby and toddler. I'm not into traditional diaper bags. I usually like Marc Jacobs and was using the Christy when I just had one kid. Now I need something bigger that's open on top (no top zipper). Any suggestions?

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Jul 20, 2009
LOL I could have written you post a few years back. I think that I went through at least 5 bags before finally found the one I really like.

I wouldn't get a Neverfull. You will have to fish through the bag to get what you want and everything will spill out should it fall. A couple of questions:

-do you bf or ff? If bf then you really don't need to bring bottles so then you will have more options.

-is this bag meant for trips longer than a couple of hours or all day? If just a couple of hours, then you get away with just a tote with a zipper compartment. If it's for the entire day or longer than half a day, then I would get the handbag you really want and store the kids' stuff in something else. I always like you ordinary backpack. Lots of compartments to store their snacks, drinks, diapers, wipes, extra clothing, etc. And it is gender neutral as you can get your dh/dp to carry it for you. ;)

-is your toddler into carrying his/her stuff in a cute backpack? If this is the case then you may not need a big bag.

My favorite was the Nouvedive leather messenger bag with a zipper compartment & several small pouches inside. It wasn't a LV or Gucci or any famous brand but it was great as it didn't look like a diaper bag.



Feb 17, 2006
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May 4, 2008
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for me the most practial of all is a Longchamp le pliage shopper. It's lightweight, waterproof. However, it does have a zipper. But you can leave it unzipped anyway. Atleast you have the option to zip it up =)


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May 27, 2009
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How about a Mulberry Roxanne tote? There's a large or A4 size and it comes in various leathers plus vinyl or canvas coated which I think would be most practical for you. Comes in some lovely zingy colours too. Open topped with roomy front pockets - a really cool, spacious and practical bag. I have an A4 in black natural leather - was a total sale bargain and my favourite bag ever (for now!)


Jan 7, 2009
My friend has 4 kids but loves handbags. As you can imagine, they get beaten up. She tries to stick with bags that are embossed canvas, such as LV monogram bags, because they handle wear the best,