Recommend Hermes evening bag please

  1. Hello there, I am looking for an evening bag. I can't find any in Reference Libray. Only big bags and wallets not even one clutch. Any idea why?
  2. Hello, is a suggestion....a Cocoan Crocodile Jige.....I feel it's very elegant.....
    cocoancrocjige2.JPG cocoancrocjige1.JPG
  3. Do a search for Jige, Kelly Elan, Kelly Longue and JPG Kelly. Each of these is gorgeous!
    You could even do a sellier 25cm Kelly in a formal leather (blakc chevre, box or chamonix) as a wonderful day-into evening bag.
  4. The Yeoh bag comes with a clutch in various leathers etc. Mine came with a black and silver horsehair clutch which is shown somewhere on the reference thread I think - in the picture it is shown with the strap but in fact it can be carried as a clutch without the strap.
  5. WOW!!! super fast response. Thnx so much for the picture too.:idea:
  6. My fav is the JPG Kelly. That's what I'm saving for right now. :shame:
  7. OMG, ISUS I am doing some serious drooling over that Cocoan Croc Jige!!!!! Is that YOUR baby??????? WOW!!!!!
  8. I love the JPG Kelly too. It is just gorgeous in suede -- I have my eye on a pink one.
  9. My vote is for a Kelly Elan or Kelly 25 in slick black Box!
  10. Of course I am going to recommend a 20cm sellier mini Kelly. I love, love, love them for evenings!! Take a look at my avatar.

    Susi, that Jige is hot!
  11. a jpg kelly clutch in exoticz like lizard/croc is perfect IMO
  12. I recently saw a mini TRIM that was beautiful and also would do beautifully as an evening bag.
  13. JGP pochette kelly and maybe mini Constance in exotic:love: :love:
  14. Does anyone have pictures of the 4 bags mentioned above? would be nice to have a side by side comparison here!:nuts:
  15. OH, I love the JPG Kelly SOOOOO much, I saw 3 today at Hermes - black lizard, natural (looks like miel) matte croc, rouge H matte croc....:drool: :drool: :drool:
    I saw black lizard constance, silver constance! aaaaahhhhh!:drool:
    I also ADORE 25cm kelly or 25cm birkin for evening!