Recommend Flat Sandals for my Beach Wedding

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  1. I am getting married in St. John in June in the dress pictured in my avatar. For the actual ceremony, which will be on the sand, I intend to go barefoot (or perhaps wear barefoot sandals, like these: However, I will need something to wear during our photographs and the reception. I would love some type of light-colored sandals with jewel/crystal embellishment. Alternatively, I could do blue sandals as my "something blue," although I'd still like some crystals or beading. They definitely have to be flat, because otherwise my dress will be too short.

    Any ideas? Thanks ladies!
  2. I bought my shoes from They have a HUGE selection of shoes in practically every style and price.
  3. I like this site for heels, but they don't really have flat sandals.
  4. Google/look for the brand Mystique - they always have jeweled sandals.
  5. I love Mystique sandals! I have two pairs already... the problem with wearing them for the wedding is I think the stitched leather soles are a bit too casual with my dress. Plus, this is one time when I am willing to buy something really high-end, since I want them to be special. ;)
  6. gotcha :biggrin:
    Doesn't Stuart Weitzman make some?
  7. I thought so, but nothing on their website is quite right. This is probably the closest, but the rubber sole makes it look more casual to me: No sandals--or even flats!--in their bridal section.

    I also thought of Pedro Garcia and Giuseppe Zanotti, but no luck there, either.... sigh. Let me know if you see anything!
  8. eq777--sadly, my big feet strike again! i am a size 9.

    but, i might have found some! giuseppe zanotti was on sale at Ruelala today, and these sandals were marked down to $299 (from $748). i am not 100% certain they will be a perfect match for the color of my dress, but i love the crystals and the deal was awesome, so i am hoping for the best! plus, i think i would actually wear these a lot after the wedding.

    what do y'all think--are these wedding appropriate?

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  9. Giuseppe Zanotti!! So many lovely styles that just came out for Spring/'s one that I think would look beautiful.

    617 262 4100 is the Boston store number, they definitely have these (I checked a week or so ago :biggrin: )


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  10. LOL, did you see my last post? Great minds think alike!

    I went ahead and bought the sale Zanottis--I like the lighter tan footbed, which I think will look better with the dress. Yours are gorgeous, though!
  11. those are gorgeous! I really dont' think anyone can beat GZ when it comes to any kind of sandal - he really is in a league of his own :smile:
  12. ^ oh and please post pics when they arrive! ;)
  13. Great choice!:tup: I'd like to see some modeling pics soon ... HAPPY WEDDING!:flowers:
  14. i see you already got yourself some GZ. he does by far THE best jewelled flats and with the hundreds of style options he comes out each season he is my to go brand for flats :smile: