Recommend an everyday bag for me!

  1. I could do with a good everday bag. I have a lot of junk to carry around - I'm a bit of a gadget girl and usually carry an ipod, PDA, mobile, occasionally a PSP :shame: So it needs to be something generously sized. I think I'd prefer a shoulder bag - I have quite a few handhelds and it can get real heavy with all that junk. I'd like something with a few pockets - I'm sick of rummaging around at the bottom of my bag for something, and no dinky phone pockets cause I like my big phones! Budget - not outrageous as I'm a student this year - so not Fendi Spys or anything! Colour - neutral, taupes or browns would be good.

    I haven't been bag shopping for ages so haven't a clue what's around at the momemt. Oh and I'm in the UK so things like Kooba and Botkier are out.
  2. Tods classic D Bag is always good and roomy, but also practical. Why not also look at Osprey London or maybe Longchamp?
  3. I use my large Gucci messanger most days. Leaves all hands free, carries loads of stuff and still meets that stylish look
  4. Yeah was just thinking of a messenger style - I'll have a look at those, thanks!
  5. Ah! Bagshop! I'd forgetten about them - I'm having a browse now.
  6. check outHome...amazing bags, great prices, helpful staff...lots to choose from...i've bought 5-6 bags from them and go back because of all the helpful staff and they will order anything for you...
    hope this helps!
  7. [​IMG]
    I found this cute brown leather bag at topshop's site.

    Leather XL pocket tote £75.00
  8. Like the style of that Top Shop one - but I had a look at it in store and there aren't enough pockets inside - all my junk would just jumble around in the bottom.

    Checking out those other suggestions - thanks ladies!
  9. I think the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 is the best choice, it is £310. I am a teacher and use this bag for school, it is so durable and hard wearing and the more you use it the better it looks, the leather goes a gorgeous colour and the dirt doesn't show hence why I use it for school. It can also fit loads. There is a smaller one, the 25 but it is only about £10 cheaper and I think the 30 is the best, the 25 is a little on the small side, also bigger bags make you look thinner!
  10. The Botkier trigger bags have a ton of pockets. The turbo tigger fits over the shoulder. They run about $600 though so it may be a bit high.

    Furla also has a cute shoulder tote with mutiple compartment for under $400.
  11. I looked at the Speedy at Christmas - its a nice size but I want something with more compartments in. I'll have a look at Botkier - but I think the only stockist in the UK is in London so I'd have to wait a while.
  12. If you find a bag you love but it doesn't have enough compartments, you could get a purseket, or similar purse organizer.
  13. I recommend the Anna Corinna Lady Duffle. I just got one of these and it is one of my favorite bags! There is only one interior zip pocket, but there are two outside zip pockets big anough for your electronic gadgets and another pocket underneath the flap where I keep my cell phone and keys. It can be worn messenger style or flung over the shoulder. Bagshop has it in black right now for 20% off.

    Anna Corinna Lady Duffle Bag ONLY 2 LEFT : ac_970 : Handbags : Anna Corinna : Fall 2006 :
  14. I really like the YSL Muse for an everyday bag. I have it in black XL and it fits all my books and then some...if you're like me, you need to carry your life in your bag...and the Muse allows you do that in a chic way....