recommend a RED bag!

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  1. I really want my next bag to be RED. I don't like the medium flaps and jumbos. just not my style. however I love the chain look. does the diamond stitch come in red? or the cotton club? or even the GST or PST?
  2. I believe the diamond stitch does come in red. There are some small classic totes in red-- the photos are somewhere.

    The cotton club definitely does not come in a red. I want to say the GST, maybe the PST, did come in red -- I remember an SA telling me about it a year ago, but I've never seen one IRL. She might have been talking a bag different from the GST.

    Hope this helps! :biggrin:
  3. Hi! :smile: What about the Timeless classic tote (I think that's what it's called)... it's the same red as my jumbo, and has the new chains, with a zippered top. You can probably find pictures of it in the Reference Library! :smile: Alternatively, there is going to be a bordeaux GST and PST out for fall, which sounds promising! Good luck! :smile:
  4. Here's the timeless classic tote:
  5. I recently go the madison bag in red and love it. It is not quilted on the outside but does have the metal chain handles and on part of the flap. I don't have a pic yet but they should still be out in the stores. Good luck!
  6. I recommend the Red timeless tote!
  7. Yes, the red timeless is TDF!! I'd go for that one too! :drool: