Recommend a nice lotion from Victoria's secret or BABW ?

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  1. Hi guys !
    I just want to ask everyone about your most favourite scent of body lotion from Victoria's secret and from Bath and Body works ? We don't have these shops here and I have never tried their products. All these time, I have been using The body shop,Loccitane and Lush so I want to try other brands as well.
    I am searching online right now and it's hard just to read the descriptions. Can you pls. recommend a nice scent ? Thank you in advance.

    I don't want a smell that is like for an old woman..sorry..don't mean to be rude but i guess you know what i mean.
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  3. My favorite BBW scent is Coconut Lime Verbena - very summery scent.

    My favorite VS scent is the Beauty Rush Slice of Heaven - smells like cake!
  4. My fave BBW was Tutti Dolci in Chocolate Fantasy.. or ANY of the scents. Love the souffle texture and the scents. Nothing comes close. Unfortunately BBW chose to discontinue the whole line we can only get them at ebay now for double or triple their original prices :tdown:
  5. Not sure if there's a lotion or not -- think that there is, though -- but I like "Ooh La La" from VS's Little Sexy Things collection. I really like that scent!
  6. i like my lotions to be more refreshin so for me:
    on the Victorias Secret Garden - Pure Seduction
    Bath and Body Works - Peony, raspberry, cherry blossom.
    Victorias Secret Beauty Rush - Appletini ( my favorieteeeee love ittt!!!)

    and here we dont have a victorias secret store, but people gets them overpriced though. On amazon they are price fair at least more than ebay.
  7. I love BBW exotic coconut, it was discontinued so you can only buy it online, but I think it's well worth it and there is almost always some online deal going on. I also like their pink grapefruit lotion, if you're thinking you want a lotion that isn't too sweet.
  8. Bath & Body Works has this really great body cream in Amber. I absolutely love this scent. Very exotic, and lush smelling. You really can't go wrong with any of the lotions from Victoria Secret. If you can get your hands on the Amber though, I truly think you won't be disappointed. HTH
  9. I don't fancy any of the VS scents; they all smell a little too sweet for my taste. From BBW, I like Peony, White Cherry Blossom and Wild Honeysuckle. I like flowery scents more than foody/fruity.
  10. What kind of scents do you like, Luckycharms?
  11. My favs from VS are Love Spell and Beauty Rush Candy Baby (cotton candy)
    My fav from BABW is Coconut Lime Verbena
    My fav from TBS is Satsuma
  12. My fave BBW is Rice Flower & Shea, but it's a classic that can only be bought online. I also like Warm Vanilla Sugar, Japanese Cherry Blossom, & Black Amethyst.

    My fave at VS was Coconut Sugar, which was Limited Edition, but you can still find it in some stores for 75% off. I was in the store yesterday and they had their latest fragrance on display. It's called Delicate Petals...I like it more than the others.
  13. bbw- cucumber melon, sweet pea, and enchanted orchid
    vs- heavenly :P my favorite garden scent was discontinued :sad: my desire. i do like lovespell :smile:
  14. Cotton Blossom from BABW. I don't like any VS scents, they smell too sweet to me