Recommend a mask! Please :)

  1. I have very dry skin, and am looking for a mask that will give me a bit of a glow... Has anyone tried the Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask with Clay? I've heard good things about it, but I am also interested in hearing about any others you love! :heart: Thanks ladies![FONT=times.][SIZE=-1]
  2. I haven't tried that one, but I do use Origins masks regularly and really like them.
  3. SKII Facial Treatment mask! Works wonders!
  4. Origins - Drink Up is good, and not expensive :yes:
  5. I just started using the SKII treatment mask too, and I like it so far. It's a little expensive, but my face GLOWS afterwards!
  6. This will sound weird but I swear it works... use a bit of egg white with some yolk mixed in. The white firms the face and detoxifies, the yolk moisturizes. Try it!
  7. I've read great things about Queen Helene Mint Julep mask, but haven't tried it myself. All those rave reviews have made me want to though!! I'm just waiting for my next shopping trip to the States.
  8. Pur Minerals' Mineral Mudd Masque. LOVE it! Just recently stocked up (again). Your skin will be sooooo smooth and bright and clean. You can get it at Ulta,, ShopNBC, or if you're from Canada, TSC. If you've got a zit, spot treat it with the masque twice a day (or a couple of days) and it sucks it out for faster healing.
  9. this is funny i'm wearing a mask right now! and i bought it TODAY :p its got2be's pure intent clay masque, but i don't recommand it if you have dry skin. I think you need a hydrate mask :confused1: ... maybe try laneige's water sleeping pack
  10. i have dry too and i use pure honey (yes honey ) i put it on my face as a mask for roughly 20 mins or when im surfing th Forum its makes my skin better. but you have to do this many times for you to see the effects
  11. clay masks would only dry up your skin even more!

    use a hydrating mask, like the Body Shop's vitamin E or Boots hydrating moisturer
  12. Pearl powder masks from They make my skin look so bright and soft. :smile:
  13. I use the diamond ice mask from Natura Bisse but I have combo skin. Not sure how it would work on dry skin, but I love it.
  14. I use my Clarins beauty flash balm everyday but occasionaly i use it as a mask, it's wonderfull
  15. I love Lush's Bio-Fresh Masks (I tried the BB Seaweed). They're all-natural and make my skin feel great~ the only thing is that since they're so fresh, they need to be kept refrigerated and have a shelf life of only 2 weeks I think. Also, they're only available in Lush stores, not by mail.