Recommend a guy's bag pls

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  1. I'm looking for a bag for my hubby. Its our first wedding anniversary (and I've hinted for a new LV bag ;)). He carries a boring black oversized backpack to work and I'm thinking of getting him something chic and professional (and he works as a doctor). You guys have any recommendations? My criteria is simple: slim (since he doesnt carry much to work); stylish; hand-carried or sling or shoulder; not effeminate-looking and not more than $1500.

    I've been shopping around and I thought the LV Saratov (slim, simple but no handle) and the LV Altona PM (slim, masculine but slightly ostentatious) are quite cool. Your thoughts? Any other suggestions? Thanks:amuse:
  2. Mulberry Brynmore in cognac (messenger style)
  3. Are you stuck on LV bags? And is he the type of guy who might fear carrying something that is remotely designer? I think Coach makes some really great briefcases/business bags for men, as well as Kenneth Cole.
  4. Mulberry Rockley in oak.
  5. I'd say something from Kenneth Cole in black. It will look nice and professional especially if he's a doctor. Guys I know aren't fans of Louis.
  6. Hey! Go to and check out their Doctor's Bag in Utah. Now there's a sleek doctor's bag if I've ever seen one. :smile:
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions! All the bags look great. Having a hard time deciding. I guess the LV doctor's bag is literally the best choice. But its about 3K. That's a bit ex! And he only carries a notebook; name tag; name stamp and a pen to work (in a mental institution), hence it may be a tad too large. I like the LV ambassador briefcase too, although it looks stiff and a bit too mature for him (btw he's 27, playful and boyish). The mulberry bags are very cool too (yes, i'm a LV fan lol)... but its not easy to get mulberry from where i live.

    I saw this Hermes briefcase yesterday. Its rectangular, off-white in color with gorgeous brown trimmings and it has a subtle weave pattern. It has this breezy, relax, yet formal look. But the price is shocking - 5K! It looked 800 hundred dollars to me, lol. Daylight robbery lol.

    And omg he already bought me a LV bag, all wrapped up with a nice shiny ribbon, and he left it on the table. But I can't open it till next Wed. The anticipation! Pls be the white multicolore speedy! Or theda! Or a birkins disguised in a LV paper bag <yes i know, dream on>. Can't wait to rip it open!
  8. how about a PRADA bag! they do some great guy's hand bag!! hee hee!
  9. I went to Prada but no great bags. And some of my friends tot the black parachute material looks fake. Haha.

    The robot key holders are v nice tho. But at 300, kinda steep. Anyone bought the robots?
  10. mulberry makes great bags, they age beautifully im told.
  11. How's this bag? Its just recently available in the monogram canvas.
    I still havent got him any bag despite receiving the multicolore trouville from him, oh no.

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