recommend a good SA at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE

  1. hey everyone,

    i hope im posting in the right place. if not, im very sorry, its my first post in LV thread!

    i need a recommendation for a good SA at the LV counter in Saks FIFTH AVENUE (NEW YORK.) the reason is bc i have a gift certificate to Saks and i want to make a purchase at their LV counter...

    i want to buy a LAGUITO briefcase for my husband, but when i called Saks today, they told me they only carry it in BLACK. i want to also see it in BROWN, as shown on e luxury. the SA told me that in order to transfer the brown one for me to see, i must charge the item FIRST. i felt that it was a bit unreasonable bc i buy many high end bags, mostly CHANEL, and i NEVER had to pay first just to see an item in 2 colors. I mean,i told the SA i will definitely buy one bc its a gift for my husband, but i just wanted to compare colors...yet he seemed unwillingly to help..

    thats why im asking u guys for help! does what the SA told me sound right for LV? and also, if anyone can recommend a more accommodating SA at Saks for LV that would be great appreciated!!!


    oh- and if anyone has LAGUITO in BROWN, can u post pics?!? thanks in advance!!
  2. I live in Texas, so I would be of no help finding you a good SA, but I would NEVER pay to see a bag I wasn't sure I wanted. I really don't like that attitude you got. Even if that is the policy of the store, it sounds like he just didn't want to be nice about it. Be sure you post pics when you get the laguito!
  3. There is an awsome SA at Sak's on Michigan Ave. in Chicago - too bad I can't remember his name, he's african american and so sweet! Not your typical SA -he was just there working on Saturday.....But I am sure you are looking for a Texas SA...ops!
  4. She is looking for a SA in New York:flowers:
  5. im actually looking for a SA in SAKS NEW YORK CITY. thanks!