Recommend a good bronzer

  1. I've been using MoistureTan recently, to give a little extra glow on top of a base- are there any others that you would recommend?


  2. I used to use NARS bronzer.. but switched to Chanel after trying it! The bronzing powder is really fine so you get a great glow without looking fake or "over-make-up"ed!
  3. Mac makes a good one, but I love using Elizabeth Arden tinted moisturizer instead of powder bronzer. It gives me a shimmery, dewy, bronzy look. Then I may use the MAC on top. I also use a beach blush by Cargo. It is like a summer, just from the beach bronzer.
  4. I use the Clinique true bronze sunkissed.
  5. So far I've tried products from estee lauder, clinique, and lancome...but they are all pretty heavy and seem to end up looking smudged and spotty. Honestly, the best I've come across is just Bonne Belle bronzing powder -- I know it sounds crazy, but I saw it on a message board about self tanners, tried it, and really like it!

    A cream-based or moisturizer might be even better though.
  6. I LOVE the MAC bronzer...the limited edition in the aqua green container is the best~!
  7. I use Mac in Golden which is lovely. I also like the clarins hydra balance tinted moisturisers - I use Dore but I think they have different names in the US?
  8. mac is a bit too shimmery. cargo is nice.
  9. Neutrogena - I use any of the three shades depending on what time of year and how tan I am. You don't get any of that "splotchyness" that someone else mentioned either. It's just a light pressed powder in 8-10 dfferent shades all in one little compact.
  10. i use mac "margin" i think. not sure if its supposed to be a bronzer, but thats what i use it for.
  11. Guerlain Teracotta is gorgeous, esp in number 2! I also use Dior terrabella which is a little less pigmented so its easier to use all year around.
  12. Another shout out for MAC. I have very fair skin and used the Dior one which is nice, but a tad too streaky. MAC in golden is perfect. I cant praise it enough. Non streaky and looks really natural. :yahoo:
  13. Armani!
  14. I actually use a "bronzer blush" from MAC called "trace gold" and it's amazing!! You can use it on your face or all over your body and it gives your skin a glowing tanned look but washes off at the end of the day so you're not stuck with it if you don't like it.
  15. I use mark Instant Vacation Desert Island stick. I'm pale and the lightest color is great for me. It's easy to blend and it's a stick, which is easy to use. It's also pretty inexpensive. Hit up an Avon rep or go to