Recommend a Brown Bag

  1. I'm desperately seeking a brown Chanel bag. The "show me your brown/beige bag" reference thread didn't have many so I'm hoping you ladies can recommend a brown bag or a bag that comes in brown. It doesn't have to be one that you own necessarily. I'd just love the name so I can search for photos online.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. :woohoo:Bronze cabas...
  3. are you looking for a classic chanel flap, or a large tote, or a slouchy bag. That will help us point you towards one :smile:
  4. I have a great brown expandable flap, there are some pics in the reference thread.
  5. Thanks for the tip, Chloe.

    Preferably a tote or slouchy bag ... something casual that I can pair with jeans and riding boots or something more dressy for dinner. I saw the Expandable and Pocket in the City bags and loved them but I wanted more options. Also, I am waiting for the SA to send the prices for those bags :sweatdrop:. I was too afraid to ask while I was there (post price increase).

  6. What about that distressed Caviar Flap with the MM lock?
    The distressed makes it casual enough for day, it's a good size to tote all the essentials (I believe almost as bit as a jumbo?) and since it's a flap it carries well into the evening.
  7. How about the dark brown bubble quilt bowler. The chocolate brown is so yummy.
  8. Uh, this one is soooo pretty! I got a dark brown PST this fall and am loving it.
  9. These are great ... thanks! Please keep the rec's coming!

  10. If you prefer a larger size, Chanel also makes the GST ( Grand Shopping Tote) in dark brown. It's a classic bag.
  11. What about the brown expandable frame bag, I got it in Aug its soo pretty and unique[​IMG]
  12. I have the brown jumbo in distressed lambskin. It's casual and classic IMO. I first intended on selling it, but I fell back in love with it and probably will keep it in the end! It's just such a versatile bag! And the brown does also go with lots of outfits. I would def. recommend this one! I think they still might have it in the boutique.
  13. GET the brown SHARPEI tote..I have it and its my fave bag..nice and slouchy!!SUPER TDF!
  14. i like the brown distressed lambskin with the MM lock. if i could afford it, i'd get it by NOW.
  15. another vote for the brown distressed lambskin with MM lock, i have the black one and love it, the brown one is gorgeous!!