recommand me a bag please!!

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  1. Hi, first post, sorry if its in wrong section thought id put it in general to be safe! i have recently bought a bag, but didnt really like it, so now im stuck with a £765 store credit... i really want to get a LV bag, as it's something i've being wanting for almost a year now.

    however i have problem choosing which bag i want, partly because of my limited knowledge and partly because im really indecisive...

    so i was just wondering if anyone can recommend me a bag, large enough for A4.

    im a 21 one year old student and i wear mainly raw jeans and a tee shirt and trainers. so something like a briefcase would be useless on me :smile:

    thanks in advanced guys!!

    edit: forgot an important info, im male :smile: cheers.
  2. Bosphore Gm a nice large messenger I think 765 pounds is like 1400 here so you'll have extra for a cc case or a small wallet. or get the new graphite messenger one of them is out today. Go to for more inspiration. Oh and:welcome2:
  3. ^^ I agree.
  4. thanks guys for the tips, love the Abesses and Beaubourg.

    are there anything that not of the normal collections but still a nice instant classic? im looking for something a bit different. thanks!

    i check a few times but they dont normally have LE stuff on there?
  5. I think Damier (checkered pattern) would look great with what you wear. It's simple since it doesn't have monograms all over it. With it's plain look you can dress up or dress down with it.

    My recommendations
    Damier: Bastille, Beaubourg

    Or if you want to go plainer there's the damier geant canvas. These styles seem more casual
    my recommendations
    Damier Geant Canvas: Messenger NM, Cougar, Citadin NM, Compagnon
  6. i say speedy.. maybe in monogram or damier azur... I wear jeans with my speedy all the time.... but if you want shoulder bag then go for neverfull.
  7. Damier Géant Canvas Messenger NM gets my vote. Plenty of room, adjustable strap
    (can be worn a number of ways) and within your price range.