Recomendations for Varadero, Cuba!!

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  1. Me and some friends are planing a trip to Varadero, Cuba, in March. ive been looking on trip advisor and cant really find a consistantly good reviews on hotels. from what i read the food isnt good anywhere.. its -30 here in NW Ontario, sooo we're going to be at the beach alot, we'd love to go parasailing and swim with dolphins. Im 20, and the 2 others girls are 25, and we like to party.

    Ultimately we'd like something:

    all inclusive
    good food
    night entertainment

    please share your personal experiences! thanks :biggrin:
  2. I have been to Varadero 7 times anyways the food is basically the same at all resorts perhaps a tad better at a 5 star vs a 3 star hotel. Last time I went I stayed at Melia Las Americas & liked it. Basically everything you are looking for safe,all inclusive, night entertainment is available at all the hotels. I found that they don't differ all that much. The only hotel that does not have a good beachfront is Melia Varadero (the beach is rocky.) Hope the weather's nice!