Recomendations for getting rid of Stretch Marks

  1. Hello!!

    I am looking for something to get rid of them or help with my marks. I attained them by gaining significant wieght while on the Depo shot:evil: . I have most of it in my inner thighs and bit on the bum.

    I've been hearing about Strivectin....has anyone here used it??? if so how was it?

    Summer is coming up so please help!!:cry:
  2. Strivectin-SD, it is available at several places, but I get it from It is great, a little pricey, so check around to see who will give you the best price.
    I use it on my face, it works for wrinkles and stretch marks.
  3. is strivectin really all that effective on stretch marks?......i've read mixed reviews on it and i don't wanna spend that amount of money on it if it doesn't work :Push:
  4. My sister uses Vitamin E oil on her stretch marks. It's less visible. I don't think there's a permanent way to get rid of stretch marks.
  5. Well, I like the Strivectin, but I use it for wrinkles. I noticed a difference with it.
  6. I hear that you can't get rid of stretch marks once you get them because it is a genetic attribute. Cocoa butter and vitamin e will make them less visible. I have stretch marks in my inner thighs that are disgusting, but I have to live with them...
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  7. .....that means im stuck with it doesn't it~
  8. ^^^This may be too pricy, but I've heard of people removing them with some kind of surgery. I think though, it's normal. I had some by my chest, but in time they really faded.
  9. do you know what the surgery is called?
  10. ^^^I'll ask tomorrow.
  11. Apparently, you can have them lasered, but I've no idea how successful it is.
  12. i heard that laser can make stretch marks less visible.

    if you decide on trying strivectin, costco sells it for $100. i think it retails for more than that.
  13. Since Strivectin-SD is a little too pricey, I bought ProVectin Plus from a drug store to try it out. It has almost the same ingredients and is about $30. I don't know if I didn't use it as often as I should (I get really lazy to apply it) but I don't really see any result.
  14. purselova34: thanks!! hope to hear from you sooN!!