Recoleta, does anyone know the retail?

  1. ...and can someone post pics if they have? :yes:

    last question, is the bag discontinued??
  2. No the bag isn't discontinued because it's just out sometime last year I believe. Right now retail around $660..I have the pics in visual
  3. It's not on french website, so i guess it was disc.:shrugs:
  4. Sometime website can't display everything, I am sure the stores still carry it. It's launched last year so it will be around for while.
  5. I really appreciate your help, thanks bagsnbags! :flowers:
  6. i believe you can find the bag on elux still... i saw it there a while back.
  7. yeah, it's on elux, just saw it there....
  8. Anytime :yes: , it's one of my fav bag..better than normal pochette..
  9. The recoleta has been out longer than a year. I remember getting it (and then returning it) when I was in canada and that was three years ago.

    to the OP, here's the link on eluxury

    eluxury recoleta