Recognized on the street?

  1. Hypothetical question, how would you feel if a complete stranger recognized you from tPF, myspace, facebook, friendster, etc.?

    Hasn't happened to me but I don't post pictures of myself!
  2. ^lol me neither, but if someone happened to noticew my Chihuahua who is in my avatar, I would be stoked!!!
  3. Hasn't happened to me yet BUT I did go up to a complete stranger who had the same exact bag as I did and ask her if she was part of the tpf but she gave me this weird stare and said
  4. haha just when you thought you were right!! awww. that sucks lol
  5. Wow.. and I thought that was a picture of you and your SO:flowers:

  6. That was YOU???
  7. If it was a member of TPF I wouldn't mind so much. If it was from somewhere else, it would be weirrrd.

  8. Luna, were you carrying the grenat city on sat night at Forbidden city, NYC ?? :nuts: so funny!
  9. i used to post pictures and personal info freely on the internet... but it doesn't feel safe to do that anymore. i am more cautious about what i post now than i was just a few years ago. since tpf is a public forum, i have not posted any pictures of myself or even my collection yet. i probably will do so someday, when i feel more comfortable about it.

    i do have myspace, friendster, facebook, cyworld (korean and u.s.)... and even blogs on xanga and blogger (although i don't post new entries often), but i keep my profile restricted. only people on my friends list can see my profile, and they are mostly people i already know in real life. i have these accounts, mostly to keep in touch with friends or locate people i have not seen in a long time.

    i don't recall ever being approached by a stranger from the internet, though. i definitely do not mind approaching or being approached by tpf members, as this is probably one of the nicest, friendliest online boards i've come across thus far.
  10. Thats a bit scary.. lols I mean if it was a total stranger from myspace or something..
  11. just like siworae, i used to post my info online, but then it's not safe anymore.

    on friendster, i only have friends who i really know personally. i might add someone who i don't exactly know, but then my info on my page says very minimal about me. sometimes doesn't even have any other info about me than the basics (ie, age, location [although i sometimes put a diff country LOL], etc). same thing goes with myspace. and i have it restricted. lol
  12. I have a myspace but I only made it to keep in touch with friends that are away for college. I just recently graduated this year from high school and all my friends are off in different states to study and I wanted a way to keep in contact with them. I don't add strangers and my profile is restricted. I haven't yet had someone come up to me randomly...which is good!
  13. Luna... did you really see someone?!?!?!

    I would just hope I wasn't in sweats and a crummy shirt. I was out last week shopping looking like an awful piece of woman because I had this sinus infection, and I thought I recognized someone from the forum at Nodies, I would have just fainted if they saw me the first time like that!!!

    I guess I shouldn't care!
  14. I would love to run into some would be so fun. If they knew who I was it would not bother me. Its not like they know where I live or anything! lol...I always wonder if a pfer is near by when Im shopping in Chicago...
  15. I don't post my pics online, and I don't get too detailed on personal info., so I don't think that would happen to me. But I really wouldn't mind running into a PFer, that would be so much fun, but anyone else(myspace, etc.) would just be scary.