Recognize this Tano Bag?


complete bagaholic...
Hahaha.. so I was being a total dork and looking at bag sites - so that it would take my mind off the other incident I have to deal with if you like to see it...

Anyway.. so I was at LunaBoston and I saw this new Tano bag - or so I thought!

Wow it was actually 2 of the same bag! The Tano Truffle! I must say that I didn't really like the Truffle all in a ball like the ones I usually see - but apparently you can stretch it out - which in my opinion gives it a total different look! And I am liking the shape of it more now! I am quite impressed! So this is like a 2 for 1 bag! LOL :P

Just having one of those dorky moments haha!

Thanks for reading!
Feb 19, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
Oh I do like the red Truffle much better, the shape is more pleasing.


those two pockets still look like a pair of saggy boobs to me. Maybe I see myself in that bag...hmmmm. *s

tano expert

Oct 18, 2006
Hahah I know I am side tracking.. but speaking of sagging boobs.... this bag also reminds me of sagging boobs! :roflmfao:

Am I alone here?
Whoa that may be the ugliest thing I have EVER seen. No offense, just my personal opinion. Looks like my great grandmother in the buff!:roflmfao:


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
To me the Botkier Bianca will always be the saggy Boob bag! Deflated and wrinkled...LOL

On the original post thought. I almost bought a Truffle and didn't. I don't care for the bigger version as much as the compact one. But I have to say, after using my Off the Chain bag, I am loving it. What a comfortable pretty bag. I may just have to order another.
Did anyone else get this bag??? Am I the only one. It is so cool. I do kinda wish Must have bags took Paypal. Hubby gets cranky whgen he knows I have bucks in paypal and I use the credit card.



complete bagaholic...
All I have to say is.. HAHAHAHAHA

I am having such a fun time reading this!

I agree - that Marc Jacobs bag is like fried eggs!
My goodness - so many bags recently reminds me of saggy boobs - we don't need those - most ladies eventually get them - we don't need bags that project our futures hahaa