Recognize this COACH?

  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone know what COACH bag this is? I actually found this in an old thread (here), lol. Can you tell I'm bored? Its 4:30am over here.
  2. I don't know...but it looks really cute!
  3. 1751_SKHGD_d2.jpg
  4. Yeah, sorry guys. That is not a very clear picture of it at all.
  5. I think I see pockets and a flap in the front of that bag. It may be last years messenger bag in the small size. Too bad we can't see a front view.
  6. Man you guys got some good eyes!
  7. I'm getting my first paycheck soon....looking for something small to reward myself with....this might be it :smile:
  8. Actually guys, I think its this one (the same one alyssa wants) -


    Theres one that looks like it here (BUT I dont know if this website is legit, I just wanted to share the pictures so beware if youre looking to buy) -
  9. I actually went to the mall this weekend & saw some girl have it. I was debating on asking her about it but didn't. My luck it would have been fake & make an ass of myself. LOL
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