Recognize this bag?

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  1. Hi guys, I figured I'd ask the experts. Anyone recognize this bag?

    I was walking past a street vendor that had the bag in the pic for sale. I really like the bag and really like the color. It's a cute $20-$30 bag I can get some use out of. Thing is, I want to make sure that the design isn't "inspired" by a major designer. I don't want to walk around with a bag that's a knockoff.


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  2. rebecca minkoff has a darling hobo with a zipper around the middle like that but the shape is different.
  3. It looks like a wanna be Jimmy Choo but I dont think it's an actual replica of any of the JC bags. At least I dont recongnize it as one. They do have a couple bags with the zippered center but they are different. My wife has a JC Mahala and the handle buckles and rivets on this bag look identical to hers.
  4. the shape reminds me of a marc jacobs, but, they have different hardware and a strap that comes down the middle vs the zipper.
  5. It's hard to recognize a designer.
  6. I agree with 4everglammm, the bag is definitely inspired by Jimmy Choo (shoulder strap, hardware & center zipper). However, i don't recall Jimmy Choo having a bag exactly like that..
  7. It's a very cute inspsired bag. I like it.
  8. its has attributes from alot of designers, but I wouldnt consider this a knockoff. Zippers are in and the color is very pretty, just looks like a cute vendor bag
  9. Thanks for your help guys!