Recognize Gucci bags...

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  1. Recognize Gucci bags...One of my friends wants to know the name and it does not stand anywhere..

    These are from a Danish site (you can buy stuff on that site.)
    I don’t want to know about the fake and not fake part, I’m not buying it either, but…

    21575256_Big.jpg 22232618_Big.jpg

    What names should we give there two bags (apart from Gucci) If they have? :smile:

  2. The second one I think is actually a makeup bag, am I right ?
  3. i believe you're correct. and i always get so confused about the names of gucci bags, because they mostly don't show up on their website, yet my SA always uses them.
  4. it is a make up bag, but when you ask for the classic gucci pochette they'll know what you mean. i use it when i go out and only take keys and money with me. the first bag is the jackie o. bag i believe, i have it but i'm not sure about the name. it is a classic too though, they always have it in stock in various versions.
  5. The first one is a Jackie O, piston lock bag. Could be vintage, pic is too far away.
  6. Speaking of Jackie O bag I'll just post my questions in this already existing thread since I'd like to get a classic shoulder bag from Gucci :smile:

    - Is the Large Jackie O roomy enough as an everyday city bag?

    - How about the closure, will it stay open on the sides even if it's closed or is it deep enough to hold everything inside?
  7. The large Jackie O is roomy enough. It is deep but not wide. The closure will stay closed and you can still grab something from each side of the closure/lock. I had the black pebbled leather, love it! Very classy and will never go out of style
  8. Which means the thieves/pickpockets could also have an easy access to it? :cry:
  9. I actually own the first bag, the Gucci Jackie O with the piston. It was one of my first designer bag purchases when I got out of college. Still in love with it!
  10. Yes, I'm sure they could. I do not live in an area where that is a problem, but if you do, then something to think about.
  11. Actually I don't, but I travel a lot in Central and Southern Europe and pickpockets are always a problem so you have to be more careful in bigger cities like Paris, London, Rome or Barcelona.
  12. I live in NYC and I use several bags that don't have any top closure. Sure, my risk is increased but I think awareness can be so much more important than a buckle. Is a buckled bag pickpocket-proof?
  13. I totally agree, just the fact that you are carrying a Gucci, open or not would make you a target for pickpockets. Awareness is the best safety (and walking with a big guy like my husband :biggrin: )

    I use to live in Europe and traveled to the above mentioned cities freqently and never had a problem with pickpockets, but my sisters got their entire huge backpacks stolen from under them when they were sleeping on them in the train in Italy. Who would have thought that you use your backpack for a pillow and it still gets stolen?
  14. Thanks a lot for your help guys! :smile: :smile: :smile:

    This is the reason why I finally ordered it today. I love classic 'non-saggy' bags, which has been carried by old fashion icons from the past like Audrey H, Grace K and Jackie O. :love:

    Btw, anyone got pics of Jackie carrying her Gucci?
  15. The Gucci Jackie O bag is based on the Hermes Trim bag that Jackie carried in the 60s. I'm not sure if she ever carried the Gucci version of the bag. This is the Hermes Trim bag: