Recital or pochette?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I was looking to add a pochette to my collection to use as a daytime casual bag with the strap from my Eva but now the price has increased I'm looking at other options. I love the size of the Eva but I'm not keen on the chain. It does however fit my long purse, phone and keys. Are there any other options I can look at? I've seen a preloved recital but I'm not sure I'll fit a long purse in it, can anyone advise? Many thanks
  2. I think the recital is cute, but if I remember correctly the straps aren't removable, so using it with ur Eva strap may not work. If ur thinking of cutting the straps off to use Eva strap, if the ring is flat and not rounded, like the ones on purses with removable straps, the clasp may not sit well when hooked to the recital. I am not sure what it can fit, hopefully someone else with this info can chime in. I hope I helped a little.
  3. The Recital is like a Pochette, but the straps are not removable. However, the interior is gorgeous.
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  4. Anyone have this bag and love (or hate) it? I’m thinking of purchasing it pre-loved instead of the mono pochette accessoires. It’s the same price and a little different. Can it carried on the shoulder?
  5. Hi, I love the recital so much!! I cut the strap off it and stitched new clasps on so I can use it over my shoulder with the original strap or cross body with a longer strap. It fits so much and the red interior is gorgeous!
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  6. I have both and I think the Pochette is more versatile because you can attach different straps on it. With the Recital, your only option is the strap it has - I can carry it on my shoulder but you are squeezing it under your armpit, and so I prefer to carry it by hand or in the crook of arm.
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  7. This is a great idea, although I cringe at the thought of cutting the straps... maybe I’ll wait until I know for sure that it’s a keeper, lol! I did order it. :smile: Thank you for the suggestion!