1. Does anyone have any good recipes for a pasta salad? I have been wanting to make some at home, but I am pretty much lost at where to start. :smile:
  2. The one I make is very simple, but everyone always loves it. I use a bag of the tricolor rotinis, grape tomatoes (halved), a small can of sliced black olives, salt, pepper, and bottled Italian dressing.
  3. ^^That's the one my Mom makes, lol, she just adds parmesan cheese to it.
  4. Basil Pesto, mayo and lemon juice mixed up for a dressing.
    Sundried tomatoes (or regular), black olives, red peppers and pine nuts.
    Garhish with parmesan cheese.
    You can add chicken to this one.
  5. Thanks for the ideas!! Sounds yummy! I am going to give them a try!
  6. Try tri colored rotini and spinach linguini (cut up in 1.5 in lenths, mayo, a bit of mustard, sugar and salt to taste, add one can of tuna (not the albacore cause it's too dry a texture) had it at Souplantation and it's surprisingly good..:smile: I made it at home but instead of tuna I added shrimp..(I think I gained 5 lbs. that day!)
  7. Thanks simpleplan!! ^^ It sounds really good. I don't eat meat, but it everything sounds like a good mix!! I am going to give this one a try, too!
  8. I do this, minus the olives. And I also cut up carrots and celery and throw that in there. Its sooo yummy! Makes me want to make some today:idea:
  9. This makes my mouth watery! You can't eat italian pasta salad without pesto and sundried tomatos! :yahoo:
  10. orichietti pasta, red pesto, olives, onion and a lil garlic.