recipes for lunches that dont require a kitchen but is healthy?

  1. I was wondering for folks who can't always have hot lunches do for lunch.. no microwave, stove. With classes and work i'd always eat unhealthy.. but starting Monday I want to turn over a new leaf. I'm still trying to get into fruits and vegs, but besides that, any grain, meat (only can eat chicken) etc. Like is there any way to make a cold english muffin taste good? LOL. Simple stuff like that. TIA:flowers:
  2. If you're willing to put in the time you could cut up an apple and orange the night before and put them in containers, just bring a fork so you don't get your fingers all sticky. You could also make a sandwich the night before or a wrap and bring with a small bag of chips. Leftovers also work.

    I guess it depends though on whether or not you mind eating certain hot foods cold. See I'm the type that totally doesn't mind. I can pretty much eat anything cold or at room temperature.

    Check out this website All Recipes – complete resource for recipes, cooking tips and food. They have a bunch of recipe ideas that may be of some use.

    Glad you are turning a new leaf! It's always a step in the right direction when you change your diet for the better! :biguns:
  3. Make plastic containers and those gel packs that you can freeze (to keep your food cold) your friends.
    Sandwiches stay pretty cool in an insulated bag, and if you don't use mayo or heavy cheese, it is a pretty healthy lunch. Just be sure to use whole grain bread!
    Baby carrot sticks sprinkled with a bit of cold water keep in those containers pretty well.
    If you cut up some apple slices, squeeze a bit of lemon on them before sealing the tubs up to keep them from browning
    Yogurt is a good snack to take with you, but be sure to eat it early in the day to keep it from getting warm
    Berries such as blueberries and raspberries are a good choice, also fitting in the small containers.
    Bananas are a quick snack, so are oranges and apples.
    As you can see, I always bring my lunches with me to work. Everyone else around me who went out to work every day (or ate hot lunches) typically always complained about their weight... wonder why...
    Hope these ideas help!!
  4. Oh, almost forgot! A small handful of unsalted/unsmoked plain almonds are a great snack towards the end of the day. They have healthy fats to keep you full, and help your hair grow healthy and thick ; )
  5. ^^vuittonhammie, couldn't have said it better myself! All great suggestions!
  6. I've got to try out all the suggestions!
  7. I buy a rotissere chicken from the supermarket ( or Boston Market ), pull off the skin , then pull the meat from the bones . Chop to bite size . Throw in a bowl with shredded red cabbage , green onions , celery , and toasted sesame seeds . For dressing dissolve 4 Tbs. sugar or Splenda and 1 tsp. salt in 6 Tbs. lite rice wine vinegar . Whisk this w/ about 1/2 Cup of peanut or other oil . You can use more vinegar and less oil . I usually do this .

    Also , add as many veggies as you want . I eat it plain , but for my fiancee I toast some bread and pack it separately . When he eats lunch he just assembles it . Toasting the bread beforehand keeps it from getting soggy !
  8. lunch....hmmm....almond butter is a good healthier alternative to peanut butter. whole wheat bread and i little bit of honey. Perfect with fruit! has helped my so much. I havnt bought a cookbook since i found that.
  9. I eat ramen noodles for lunch everyday and haven't tired of it yet. Sometimes I have a can of soup handy.
  10. what does almond butter taste like? Sadly I'm allergic to peanut butter. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I never realized toasting bread would keep it from going soggy!
  11. Wraps are a good option. You can get some roasted chicken, any veggies you like, and any kind of sauce or condiment that suits you. You can wrap it all up together in a gourmet tortilla. The deli section of the supermarket has some wonderful ones. They come in a variety of flavors like tomato & basil or honey wheat. They also have low fat and whole grain varieties.