Recipes for a juicer?

  1. Recently some people bought us a juicer for a late christmas present, but I don't drink much juice and so I am completely out of inspiration.

    Any good tasty juice recipes out there? Also I notice that the instruction booklet had some recipes for savoury soups and stuff, so if you have a savoury recipe, fire away!

    I hate celery though... please don't give me a celery recipe. I simply cannot stand it, not even the smell of it. When I was young, at some point I lived near a celery farm... shudder.

    The only combination I can do is carrot and apple... that's it. Yep i'm creative like that. Today, I learned that you need to juice one hell of a lot of carrots and apples before you can get a tall glass...
  2. I don't do much of apples or carrots...
    BUT do a lot of berries (strawberry, blueberry, black berry) I like them fresh but you can also get the frozen kind. I add cooled white tea and milk plus some honey to them and they make fantastic shakes.

    I will also do bananas and milk with whey shakes for my workout sessions.
  3. My mom got a juicer last year & she learned the same thing. You have to juice a hell of a lot to get a decent glass of juice.

    We mainly use it for juicing apples, carrots, kiwi, etc. I just drink the fruit juice by itself, no recipes here. I love smoothies but usually just make them through the regular blender :smile:
  4. Apples and carrots are pretty much the basis of all my juices because they're cheap and they taste good by themselves without anything else added in.

    Pineapple(with skin on)-apples-carrots
    Beets (with green tops) -apples-carrots

    You can pretty much juice anything! If I want some dark green added in, I juice some kale. It's really good for you and it doesn't make your drink taste bad, it just turns it green lol.
  5. Oops I forgot about this thread... i'm so sorry, I am really glad for the suggestions though! I love berries, but I never thought about juicing them.

    Lol um... what's a kale?
  6. It's a dark green leaf veggie, it's got ruffly edges. I think it's what the use for garnish on plates at lots of restaurants. It's really good in soup but I juice it sometimes because of the major health benefits and the fact that if I only juice 4 or 5 leaves, I can't even taste it! I've juiced cabbage and spinach before too but I can taste the cabbage big time and the spinach leaves lots of leaf chunk in the juice. Kale is my fave dark green veggie to juice.
  7. Hmm I will check out this 'Kale' thing... I probably know it in Chinese, i'm always happy when I find out the English name of a fruit or vegetable. Like recently I found out a shallot is called a shallot! It was exciting.
  8. Here's one from Natalia Rose Detox Diet. It's SO good and sweet too!
    Seves 2
    I Bunch Kale
    1 Head of Romaine Lettuce
    1 or 2 Fuji Apples
    1 inch of Fresh ginger
    1 Lemon

  9. I have a juicer. I do loads of fresh orange juice (mostly use the electric squeezer for those) apples, carrots, berries mainly!
    Never juiced kale, must try it!