Recipe: Rabbit, cognac, pecan, plums

  1. I tried to post the recipe my cocktail party guests love most.

    But PF said the recipe was too long. The ingredients list is short but the instructions are complicated.

    If you want a copy of the recipe, just pm me and I will send it to you asap.

    I am known for my fabulous cocktail parties in San Francisco. This rabbit confit recipe is everyone's fav buffet treat.
  2. Your dish looks good, is it like a rillet?

  3. Thanks for the surprise, purplekitty!

    I was told it was too long so I didn't think it posted!

    Shyloo -
    I don't know what a rillet is. I looked it up at and they didn't know either. Someone at posted something with rillet in and I couldn't figure what that meant, either.

    What it is -
    People usually eat this rabbit by spreading some on a piece of bread, cracker, or something. It is thick but spreadable, like a crab-artichoke spread.

    Or this rabbit confit can be simply eaten with a fork. Or used as a filling for crepes, etc.

    It's darn tasty however you serve it.

    I have friends coming from out of state this weekend so I recently made the confit. Good thing I made extra for me to eat now!
  4. A rillet is a french term for a spread that is served in a pottery pot. It involves the slow cooking of meat and then it is set in the pot, sealed with fat and allowed to cool. You spread the mixture on toasted bread pieces.
    Pork rillets are really, really good.
    Your recipe definitely sounds like a rillet.
    I will have to try it.
    I love all that old school french stuff.