Recipe or make it up as you go along?

  1. Do you feel more comfortable with a recipe or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
  2. I'll read over recipes, and then a couple days or weeks later, I'll try to recall all the ingredients I can, and make up the rest. It usually works out, lol
  3. I'll just look at a recipie to get an idea of the proportion of ingredients, and then make things up as I go along. I hate following recipies step for step, I think I can do a much better job myself. Heh.
  4. When I bake, I always follow a recipe. It's chemistry, so the measurements have to be exact for good results!

    When I'm cooking, I either make it up as I go OR I look at a bunch of different recipes for ideas and then make up my own recipe. The problem with cooking this way is that when something comes out GREAT, I can never remember exactly how I did it :push:
  5. Half of the time I use recipe, but I like to make it up as I go along, I'll try and use whatever is around.
  6. That's precisely why I'm an awful baker, lol, I refuse to follow directions and end up tossing things in. Like last year, when I decided I would use all of the old easter candy in my basket and create monster bad cookies...toss in a bit of flour, some eggs, some butter, sugar...couple bars of chocolate...few truffles...:p

    really bad lol
  7. For something new to me, I would follow the recipe.
    Once I get the hang of it, I substitute/incorporate other ingredients.
    I sometimes experiment and make it up as I go along--that is when I'm familiar
    with different recipes--like mix and match.
  8. Both. Sometimes I use the cookbook, other times I can't find what I want to make so I may look something up similar and use my own ingrediants. I rarely make up my own from start to finish though.
  9. I rarely use recipes. Even when I do, most of them time I just use the recipe for ingredients and not the actual how to.
  10. I am so amazed usually by how people just toss things in and still get fab results! LOL I guess it's just me i am a very exact person. I always need to follow recipes (and practically everything for that matter!) step by itty detailed step. it sucks......but *I* feel bad if i dont! weird huh?!
  11. I follow a recipe when it comes to baking because everything has to be exact but I pretty much make up things as I go along. I make things that my mom or MIL have made and tried to duplicate them only to add a little bit of "me" and it turns out just as good or sometimes better! *shhhhhhh* or when I'm out with the DH and DS's and we get something scrumptious, I want to replicate it at home so I try to remember what was in there and just do it and it's usually pretty good!:tup:
  12. My mom just looks at what we have in the fridge and whips up something delicious! DH is the same way. It's funny because he'd make up weird names for it too! :biggrin:
  13. i usually follow the recipe in first try and then try to modify it the second time if it doesn't work out the first time.
  14. I'll usually get my ideas from somewhere and then modify it a bit. But if it's really something I'm not familiar with, I'll read the recipe from the beginning to the end. I hate to bake - I can't do it. Too exact and I don't have a tremendous sweet tooth to begin with. BRING ON THE FOOD!!! :lol:
  15. make it up as i go along. that is why i can never bake.