recipe for aspirin mask

  1. :nuts:Thanks to this blog, I learned about the aspirin mask. I tried 3 times this week and I'm very happy with the results, however, I would like to learn more. I would also like to know if I'm doing it right or wrong.

    I use about 5-6 non coated aspirin tablets. Dissolve in warm water to create a paste looking mix, pour a little bit of honey. Put the mask on, wait 10 minutes, rub in circles, rinse with warm water. I started using it once a day every other day. Any suggestions? :p
  2. I don't see anything wrong with your routine. :smile: Instead of honey, I mix it with a mint mask. I've heard of people using aloe vera as well, so I think there's a variety of ingredients you could add into the mix.
  3. My routine is the same as yours except i leave it on for a little longer. I love it!
  4. what effect does this achieve?
  5. I LOOOOVE the aspirin mask!! I make mine just like yours, except I leave it on as long as possible (about 30 mins before my morning shower)!

    My favorite 'recepie' is to use just enough water (about 3 drops each) on each aspirin to crush them, not make a paste, just a powdery grit, then I add a few drops of vitamin e oil. I then either add a few drops of honey or natural aloe gel (sometimes both if i feel like it!) and pat it on damp skin. when i hop in the shower is when I rub in gentile circles. I swear its helped my breakouts and its keeps my skin so soft!
  6. High Maintenance---did you happen to see Rice Bunny's blog? ;)
  7. WOW, I've never heard of the aspirin mask! What does it do for your skin? Is it okay for sensitive skin or skin that tends to get red easily?

  8. My skin is the epitome dry/sensitive and it hasnt irritated it at all. I use Differin at night (has made my skin even more sensitive than before), plus a seperate medication that really takes a toll on my skin, and it has been fine - I just need to use a good moisturizer after.

    I think of your'e concerned try making a small amount and trying a bit on your jaw line just in case!
  9. I can't find uncoated aspirin ANYWHERE. Where do you get it? Do you have any extra? ;)
  10. Aspirin masks are great! I always forget I have aspirin on hand, though. I'm going to do one tomorrow. ;)
  11. I think there's a brand called St. Joseph's that makes an uncoated aspirin... there's also lightly coated aspirin available(not enteric coated, but lightly coated so it doesn't taste chalky going down).
  12. wow...never heard about the aspirin mask before.
  13. no:supacool:
  14. I went to my local supermarket and I bought regular generic aspirins (not brand). I hope I'm using the right ones :sad:
  15. i don't think it really matters, as long as it's aspirin.