~*~Recipe Exchange~*~

  1. Let's share recipes!! With the holidays coming, I know it will sure be helpful to me!!

    Here's my first one....

    Mexican Chicken~*~

    Preheat oven to 350~

    ~Chicken Breast, cooked and meat shredded (I use about 4/5 breasts)
    ~One package of shredded cheddar cheese
    ~One package of shredded mozarella cheese
    ~One bag of tortilla chips
    ~One can of chopped Rotel tomatoes
    ~One can of Cream of Chicken Soup
    ~One can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
    ~Onion, chopped fine (optional)

    ~Mix the two cans of soup and the Rotel tomatoes together in a bowl. If you want to use the onion, mix it with the soups and tomatoes.

    ~The ingredients are layered so divide them accordingly.

    ~Take prepared chicken and spread a portion of it over the bottom of a large baking dish
    ~Pour a portion of the soup mixture to cover the chicken
    ~Spread a portion of the shredded cheeses over the soup mixture
    ~Crush up some of the tortilla chips and spread over cheeses

    ~Repeat this layering process until all ingredients are used

    ~Save some of the tortilla chips for the top of the casserole and put them on during the last 10 minutes that it's baking (I don't crush up the tortilla chips that I put on the top)

    ~Bake for 30 minutes.

    ~It's great with garlic bread and a salad and ice cold Peach Tea~