Recipe: Duck and fruit stuffed crepes with pistachios

  1. Hi, Ladies

    My daily cooking involves simple steps like heating a can of Wolfgang Puck's soup for lunch.

    But I like to get creative for special events. Below is a recipe I have been working on a for a few months. I hope you like it.

    Duck and apple or pear filled buckwheat crepes with Morbier cheese and pistachios

    This recipe serves four as an entree.
    Make crepe batter day before and refrigerate overnight.


    Buckwheat crepes
    1 egg - room temp
    1/2 tsp water
    1/2 tsp Chartreuse liquor
    1.5c milk - room temp
    3 Tbsp butter, melted
    1/2c buckwheat flour
    1/2c plain white flour

    3 duck breasts (1.5 pound total), skin removed. Sliced crosswise thinly.
    1/4 tsp salt
    2 Tbsp water
    1 tsp butter or oil
    1 tsp Chartreuse liquor

    Apple or pear
    1 ripe but firm Bosc pear; cored and chopped into thin pieces. Skins OK.
    1 ripe tart green apple such as Granny Smith; cored and chopped into thin pieces. Skins OK.

    1/2 pound Morbier cheese, rind removed. Grated. Substitute Creme Fraiche if Morbier cheese is unavailable.

    1c shelled, roasted, NO salt. Take off the shells and chop nutmeats into chunks using a Cuisinart or coffee/spice grinder. Do not over grind and allow to become butter.


    Buckwheat crepes
    Blend egg and water in blender until mixture is fluffy.
    While egg is being whipped in blender, melt butter in a small cup in microwave.
    Add milk to eggs and briefly mix.
    Mix buckwheat and regular flour in a bowl with a whisk. Add to blender and mix briefly.
    Place in refrigerator overnight.
    Day of serving: take out crepe batter several hours before mealtime and let come to room temperature. Blend mixture briefly before cooking.
    Cook 6" crepes an hour before meal time. Store crepes on oven-proof pie plate or cookie sheet inside low temperature oven until assembly time.

    Cheese and fruit filling
    Spread fruit slices in a pie plate. Place on a pie plate. Sprinkle grated cheese over all. Put in oven for warming one hour before serving (in the same oven keeping the crepes warm). This will heat fruit slices but keep them crisp while melting cheese.

    Make 3 filled crepes per serving.
    Place a cooked crepe onto a heated dinner plate. Then place duck, fruit, cheese, and chopped pistachios in each crepe. Once you have four plates (3 crepes each) ready then cook duck. Turn off oven and put plates with crepes and filling inside to keep warm.

    Cook duck
    In a large skillet over a stovetop set to medium low, place Chartreuse, water, butter/oil, and salt. A few minutes before assembly and serving, add duck and cook in this skillet, frequently turning duck with spatula. This will only take a couple of minutes. Watch carefully and turn duck several times. It is very easy to overcook the duck. Cook duck pieces until center is still red - not quite done - and remove from heat.

    Final assembly
    Add duck, roll each stuffed crepe like a burrito. Add chopped pistachios as garnish. Serve on warmed plates.

    Menu note
    I like to serve the above dish as an entree following a starter of Butternut Squash soup. I add some freshly shaved nutmeg to the soup just before serving.