recieved damaged bag; what should I do?

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  1. So last week I was called by one of the outlets and they told me that a inferno BV I had placed on hold ( and had been lost) was found. So I did a charge send and it arived: DAMAGED. There is a 1 in. rip on it. I am REALLY disapointed. So I called the same day and the manager told me she was going to see if they had any more if not I was going to have to ship it back for a refund. (I wish they found one so it could be replaced or that they could just fix it) The next day : nothing. The day after that I called and they did not have a solution. I have not heard from them since and I am getting very antsy. Should I call them again? Should I wait a whole week before I call?
  2. Eitherway, you know you don't want the ripped one, so you should just send it back for a refund, and get that process started.

    If they're able to find you a new one in the time it take to mail the damaged one back to them, they can just do an exchange and send the new one to you then.

    Keep bugging them! :smile: Good luck!
  3. Well, they also said they would send some kind of prepaid lable so I could ship it back to them, so I have to bug them about that too.
  4. If it were me, I'd keep bugging them about it. I don't pay good money to get something ripped - even if it's from an outlet. Outlets tend to sell things with "minor imperfections," not big one inch holed merchandise.
  5. That's nice that they offered the pre-paid label. I'd call and bug them about getting that label to you, so you can send them back the ripped one right away. I was at the Seattle Outlet, and noticed they have a "no returns" policy, so keep bugging them to get your refund, and/or replacement.
  6. I agree that you should keep bugging them about the prepaid label. Even with a no returns policy, I think damage not disclosed before purchase supersedes that (i.e. you did a mail order - obviously you could not check out the bag so they should have). That's why they offered the refund, but they'll probably make you work for it. Good luck!! And, I'm sorry you're losing out on the bag.
  7. yah definitely stay on top of them and call them .. bug them .. whatever you have to do. If you let too much time pass they may not have the situation fresh in their minds or they may forget and be like "who are you?"
  8. Oh..sorry to hear that! But yeah I agree with these ladies..bug them until you get something..refund or replacement. Goodluck!
  9. Sorry this happened to you venaca! I agree with the others, you should keep on top of them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! It kinda sux to be the squeaky wheel but sometimes you just have to.
  10. Keep on bugging them- maybe she is waiting for you to return the other one first. if you send it, send it with a signature receipt and insure it.
  11. Definitely call them and get the pre-paid label so you can return the item. If you charged it (I'm assuming you probably did) you have recourse with your credit card company if you're not satisfied with the merchandise and have tried resolving with the retailer. As a last resort, you can tell the manager that your next step will be to contact the credit card company if they do not resolve the problem.
    Hopefully it will work out OK for you. My last experience with the Seattle outlet was horrible and I won't be buying anything else from them ever again, so I can relate to your frustrations. I hope you can get a satisfactory resolution to the problem!
  12. :cursing: well I finally got an answer. They do not have any more inferno boun vaggios ( big suprise ). So I can exchange it for another item without print placement. ( that part really ticks me of because since they sent me something damaged that they are sold out of and cannot replace, you would think they would at least tell me if the 1 character i want is somewhere on the bag) or pay out of my own pocket to get my bag fixed. Now where am I going to get another inferno boun vaggio for the same price?:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
  13. So sorry to hear about your predicament! I would be boiling mad had I been in your shoes. Are they only agreeing on an exchange and not a return? As someone mentioned above, you can always file with your CC company stating damaged item. It sucks when a company refuses to take responsibility for their error. Let us know what you've decided on..
  14. I agree with Pinkpeony that I would go ahead and dispute with your credit card company. I'm assuming since they are refusing print placement that it's Seattle outlet you're dealing with. I ordered from them a few weeks ago and they lost my bag:cursing: and then when I called a week later to inquire on delivery status, they discovered that it had been lost/misplaced:cursing: and couldn't find it and wanted to substitute another style. They did finally locate it and they shipped it out finally a few days after that, but gave me the wrong tracking number:cursing:, so I had to contact them again to make sure they had indeed shipped it out this time, and then I find out when I received the bag and looked at the receipt that they also charged me WA state sales tax (I live in OH and should not have been charged any sales tax.):cursing: I'm so done with that store.

    I say file the dispute if they're not even going to make any effort to accommodate you. That's absolutely ridiculous.
  15. GEEZ. Sorry you went through that