Recieved a USED bag from elux today.

  1. I ordered a nimbus pm from eluxury to replace the one that I returned to my local boutique. It arrived today from eluxury and it is used. The bag it's self looks ok. The pull tag had no protective tape and is all scratched up and the LV plate is scuffed. What do you all think I should do exchanging out of the question? I guess someone took it for a "test drive" as I've heard it called on here. It is so annoying that they would except a used bag for return and then send it to a customer for $1940.
    nimbus111.jpg nimbus112.jpg nimbus113.jpg
  2. I would return it. For that much money, I would want a brand new bag.
  3. I would return it ... that happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I posted my story here too. I bought the suhali le fab in noir and all the hardware were scratched up and zipper pulls had no protective plastic. You might have gotten a return too.
  4. :hysteric: I'd be furious! For that price you deserve perfection. I'd call them straightaway!
  5. Definitely return/exchange it! Do let them know about the problem as well so they don't keep sending people scratched/used items! That's not fair for paying the full price.

    On another note, I wanna see modeling pics of that bag! I used to not like it, but now it's growing on me and I think it's sooo lovely!
  6. Yup, I agree with others- return that baby back! I hope all goes well with no hassles! :smile:
  7. Return that sucker for a brand spankin' new one! you deserve a new one for that price!
  8. Call them right away - i hope it was a mistake on their part and they werent trying to pass off a used bag as new to a custtomer!
  9. You paid basically $2000 for this bag and they sent it used? Theres NO thinking about it.. SEND IT BACK!
  10. call them and order a new one, and return this one.
  11. that's unacceptable.. If I'm paying that much money.. better me who will initiate the scuffs and scratches on the bag.. :rolleyes:
    I think I'd complain about it... and get a replacement..brand new with covers on each metals... lol
  12. That sooo sucks! Make them pay for the return shipping too!
  13. ulgh. how annoying. definitely return it! it's been so obviously used... SCRATCHES? comon.
  14. I'd return it. At that price it should impeccable!!
  15. return it!