1. Well I bought a Black Chanel Cambon Reporter. In the auction the pictures were all good and the bag was authentic. The bag was bought in a trading site similar to eBay. I paid through Paypal with a credit card.

    I received the bag today and it is a nasty FAKE!!!! It is nothing like the pictures, and it doesn't even have a hologram sticker! The lining is red not pink and it is just fake!
    So I guess the seller used pictures of a real bag and then sent me a fake bag.

    I contacted the seller today and filed a dispute with Paypal under the fake/imitation category. I also have printed records of all communication with the seller as well as printed copies of the auction and photos she sent me. When the bag arrived I also took lots of photos of the fake bag.

    The whole resolution process is not going well at all! I have asked if I can have a refund and then once it has cleared I will ship her bag back with tracking. I believe this is fair as when I bought the bag I paid first and waited for the bag to arrive, so I think the seller should do the same.

    I am so upset right now, I feel so cheated!! Is there anything else I can do to protect myself? or Any tips on what to do?
  2. So sorry to hear this has happened to you. I've been there too and it's not a nice experience. But don't worry, your case looks very sound. You've done just the right thing by filing a paypal claim. Once they've considered your evidence, they could well find in your favour and if funds are available in the seller's account, you may get your money back. I would also recommend that you don't return the item until told to do so by paypal.

    Also don't worry, if this doesn't get your money back, since your credit card company will almost certainly settle for you. Let us know how you get on! Best wishes
  3. HI.. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I am also a ebayer and see some of my bags here and there. I had this happen to me once with a LV bag, the seller had photos of a real one and sent me one totally different so I am extra extra careful whom I buy from now.
    I know you can do a charge back but I think paypal requires you to show a copy of your receipts showing you shipped this back, well that is the way it use to be but I have not used paypal in over a year now. Just make sure when you do send the bag back that you put delivery confirmation and signature for your proof.
    Sorry again that this happened :sad: and I hope every thing works out to your good. You really need to leave bad feedback and let others know so this doesnt happen to more people.
    Keep us informed
  4. Thank you guys sooooo much! I am really in shock at how horrible people can be! The seller asked me to return the bag first and I told her not until she refunds. - I really cannot trust this seller again EVER! I will definitely be leaving some negative feedback.

    Thanks for the note about shipping - I will get a receipt from the post office when I send it off :biggrin:
  5. One thing to note: do NOT send the bag back to the seller unless PP tells you to do so. You might have to send it to them for evidence.

    Also, do not start a chargeback until you hear from PP. They like things done in a certain way and they get pissy if you don't play by their rules. However, if you do not get all your money back from PP then by all means do a chargeback. Good luck!
  6. Thanks so much for that!

    I am still disputing through Paypal but hopefully that will resolve my problem. If not I will probably do a chargeback.
  7. UPDATE: The seller has agreed to refund my money but as of yet i have not recieved anything. I am still in resolution dispute with the seller - not in a paypal claim, so at this point we are working it out ourselves and not having Paypal make a ruling.

    Does this mean that I still have to wait for Paypal to give me the go ahead to send the bag if payment comes through?

    OR... If I get my refund do I just send the bag back?

  8. I'd keep your options open and not send the bag back yet. Never trust an untrustworthy seller!
  9. What site did you buy this off of?
  10. I'm not sure how Paypal works in NZ but make sure the funds are truly cleared into Paypal before you ship back. Make sure you can get the money out first! Checks etc can bounce and others have been burned this way. Also still get the delivery confirmation even if you do send without involving Paypal further in case of future comeback.
  11. File your claim with Paypal. Take detailed pics of the bag and get an authentication from somewhere... or and follow all of Paypal's directions to a T!

    I have been ripped off before too, sorry to hear about this.

  12. Yes, or perhaps even cut it up and send pics of the pieces to them! :nuts:
  13. :lol:
  14. Trademe, its like a local version of eBay.
  15. UPDATE: The seller has refunded the full amount and now i am waiting for it to clear :biggrin: