Reciept issue

  1. Uhh..I wonder if I'm the only one feeling this way. But when I bid on something on eBay I have to make sure a reciept is included. I know it dosen't say anything about the purse authenticy but it still feels..better somehow. Like it has to be authentic if a reciept is included although I know you can buy reciepts..

    I just won a beautiful purse from eBay, but a reciept is not included and now i'm having second thoughts, although I already payed.

    I guess I'm botherd cuz if I ever wanna sell the purse there might be issues if I dont have a reciept?

    Anyway..this is how I feel. I know it's weird and I dunno what to do about it :crybaby:

    Bleh, help me stop being this silly!

    I won 5 purses on eBay, all believed to be authentic. But I always wonder..what if? I can't get it out of my mind. So I should stick to just buying from the stores..but then there is the LE stuff that you might only get your hands on, on ebay.

    I'm silly, I know. Any1 else feel this way?
  2. I try to stay away from using ebay- But if I was going to buy something from there, I think that having the receipt would make me feel better about it being authentic.
  3. Thing is I've seen some fake templates for reciepts.. depending on how good they are even those could be fake, ya know?
  4. Receipts do not really prove anything nowadays. I sometimes buy pre-owned bags on ebay and rarely does the seller have the receipt, especially if it is a vintage item. Also, some sellers (myself included) do not want to send their personal information out which is understandable. The best thing to do, other than buying at the designer boutique or at a department store, is to really know your merchandise and know the tell tale signs of fakes. Just because a seller does not want to or can not provide a receipt does not mean it is fake.
  5. The one way to get the "receipt issue" out of your mind is to do research and learn as much as you can about a bag and/or designer. Once you can spot an authentic bag without the need for a receipt you will see how useless they are anyway.:yes:

    I don't bother with receipts.:rolleyes:
  6. I used to think a receipt was a great guarantee, but I don't think that way anymore. Not only can you buy fake receipts on the internet, but people also use their real receipts from bags that they have purchased, then sell fake bags and use the receipt from the real bag as "proof" that the bag is real!

    So really, receipts are not the one thing that will guarantee authenticity anymore.
  7. Buying off of ebay, I just care that the bag that I get is authentic. I wouldn't worry to much about getting one with a second hand bag.
  8. I don't worry about receipts if I buy something. Receipts don't mean anything, as other tpf-ers have posted above. It's more important to either be knowledgeable about what you're buying or get input from others who are knowledgeable if you are not familiar with that brand or just want some additional eyes to look at the bag. If I sell something, I do not generally include the receipt. I once did send a jpg of my receipt after a period of interaction with someone, where I then felt comfortable about it. Usually, I won't. If someone is that doubtful, I would prefer that the person not bid on my bags because I think problems arise when someone doesn't know the product and therefore relies upon the receipt and then starts second-guessing their purchase. Those are not situations I would want to be involved in and fortunately for me, it's never been an issue. I wouldn't worry about the receipt. But, if you're worried about the handbag, you should photograph it and get some input.
  9. Thank you all =)
    Well I just got some issues I guess..I'm still a newbie when it comes to all the designers. I own aprox 10 designer purses but I still can't tell the difference from a REALLY good fake, only guessing.

    I don't know if I ever will be 100% comfortable buying from ebay. Although it is great if you get an authentic purse. Since you get a good price and all :yes:

    I've been trying to do my homework, but I just get so insecure because some say this and some say that.

    Like for instans with Chanel purses. I've read in a guide on ebay that Chanel dosen't use lambskin and everywhere I see the classics with lambskin anyway. That are supposed to be authentic. And I also read the purses are not supposed to come with "dogtags" wich I also seen in authenticated purses!!

    So I guess all you can do is being confused. Well atleast if you are me.
  10. I don't worry about receipts either. In fact, I have the receipts for several of my bags and I will not include them when I list.

    There are so many other factors when looking for authenticity.
  11. Totally agree, the info. and tips I have picked up in the subforums and from paying attention while window shopping has really been the only thing that gives me any comfort re: authenticity . . . there are just way too many faked/altered/etc. receipts out there now for that to be a security blanket. (And, don't let a receipt lure you into not doing research on seller history, etc.) I save my own receipts but just for insurance purposes, I don't think I would include them in a sale of an item, then I would worry what someone else might be using them for down the road (paranoid, maybe, but I would hate for someone to possibly use my real receipt to push fake goods).
  12. I agree 100%. I am very paranoid about my own receipts. I had my computer hacked back last summer and the person somehow gained my debit card number. I wouldn't want that to somehow happen again, or worse yet, make copies of the receipt and sell fake goods!
  13. Thank you guys. I realize you cant judge by the reciept but it feels more comforting to me. And i'm not one of those that would use it for fakes, but of course, the seller dosen't know what.
  14. I never asked sellers to send me receipt~even I don't mind if there's no receipt coz some faker will easily make fake receipt ( I ever saw someone go to "stamp & name card maker" and asked this man to make her fake receipt~ooh! ) even buy from auction site.

    Agree with Smoothoprter, to detect fake, just learn about desg. stuffs.
  15. I don't offer my receipts as I save them all for my taxes.

    I'd probably give a copy with the Credit Card info blacked out if someone requested it.