Recession Vs.New Handbag!

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  1. Hello there..with the economy the way it is I'm wondering how many of us "handbag Lovers" had to deal with "not being able to buy a bag due to the economy" my grilfriend lost her job but still contiue to use her severence pay for handbags- or my husband tells me to not buy bags now and to rather save money! Just wondering who's on the same boat! :smile:
  2. Since we are both up so early on a Sat, morning reading TPF...I thought I would respond..... (Good Morning)

    I have so much disposable income to spend. And, Yeah, I'm still spending some of it on purses. I've always been careful to spend within my budget though so it really hasn't changed for me. I'm not spending money on purses that it needed for savings, bills and the like.
    There are some great deals out there on purses (as well as other things) because of the economy and I do love a good bargin.
    Thanks goodness me and my husband have been lucky enough to both still have our jobs....if that changed well our disposable income/spending would change in a hurry.
  3. I felt the crunch yesterday. We were at the outlets yesterday and off 5th had a RM MAB in royal that me and my wife both loved. Then we saw a studded Kooba Tracy inn the color that I have been wanting. I didn't buy either one. My wife bought quite a few clothes. Normally I wouldnt have batted an eye and have bought at least one of the bags. We are self employed and our last two paychecks were smaller than usual so....I probably still could have bout both bags no problem but I didnt just in case we need that money later.
  4. I have passed on some handbags that I really wanted because I do not have as much extra money to spend lately.
  5. I find recessionary conditions cause a psychological effect. Even when people do not suffer particular economic hardship there can still be that feeling of loss of control that makes them shy away from luxury spending. Even if you're OK, who knows what's around the corner re house prices, taxes, job losses, etc? Myself, I haven't felt the need to spend loads of money on bags as I already HAVE several high-end bags purchased in the last few years. I've also found myself wondering what exactly is so special about 'luxury brands' in comparison with bags that have typical price points of say £500 or less. With that in mind my most recent purchase is a Gerard Darel 24 Heures bag. It's gorgeous, but not an arm-and-a-leg expensive. I also discovered Lucky Brand bags this year so feel quite pleased with myself. For the first time I can tell people what I really paid for my bag (Lucky Brand) without watching them keel over in the street.
  6. I'm lucky to still have my summer job, but the pay isn't as much as it was last summer. So I've held off on buying a new bag mostly because everyone around me is cutting back, and I feel that I should save up a little too.
  7. I have eased up quite a bit on my handbag purchases. But, I consider it a very good thing because most of my purchases have made on an impulse, and now I seem to be pretty good at not giving in to those. Now, I'm saving up instead of just charging, and when I reach my goal, I'll get a nice RM or Treesje that I have had my eye on. That will certainly satisfy my addiction.
  8. I bought several new bags recently but I also sold off just about every bag in my collection that I wasn't totally in love with.
  9. ^^^ITA and my wallet's been feeling it for sure because there have been so many irresistable deals :lol: however DH and I are both employed in stable jobs and have saved up over one year's living expenses in cash. I can't believe your friend would use her severance pay to buy handbags!:wtf::wtf::wtf:

  10. DITTO! :woohoo:
  11. I am fortunate enough to still have my job, but I am being a bit more cautious with my spending. I tend to buy things if I like it without thinking about whether I need it. Now, I make myself think about it for a few days before purchasing something - especially a bag. I also try to buy in cash rather than charge on a credit card. And I try to stick with my buy one, sell one rule. Having said that, I definitely agree that there are great deals out there now so I've had to do a lot of thinking!
  12. I've always been pretty good with my finances, and I'm a self starter.

    I realize that I'm blessed to have an income, and because of a large donation commitment I've made to a local charity, I'll be cutting back on purse purchases the next few months.

    Simply put: It's other people's recession that's causing me to scale back. Hope that doesn't sound snarky.

    I can always get one of my boyfriends to buy me something though :biggrin:. No worries.
  13. I put myself on the one bag a month diet. I guess it's still the same now that I think about it.. before I would buy several bags at a time and not buy one for awhile. Now I have allowance.. it feels right for me.

    I have cut back on other areas in my life though.
  14. I say, 'buy handbags today, for tomorrow we die!' :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Actually, with all this swine flu panic, that may not be far from the truth... :shocked: