Recently purchased a jumbo - have I made a mistake

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I recently purchased a jumbo carvier in black at heathrow which is my first chanel bag. However I can't help thinking I have made a mistake because I was running late and did not even try the medium/large. I feel like the jumbo is too big to carry clubbing so I am quite annoyed at myself. (although I am quite happy with the size for day use)) I decided on the jumbo a long time ago because I saw so many lovely pictures and really wanted my first chanel purse. I am now regretting not trying the med/large just to satisfy my curousily.

    Please tell me what you thing. Have I made a mistake? I am 5.6 and a UK Size 8. Thanks guy
  2. I think at 5'6" the jumbo is a perfect size....for clubbing, a clutch or small bag would be great.....I think you made the perfect decision unless you wanted a bag exclusively for clubbing......:heart:H
  3. Jumbo is perfect for daily use, and at your height, it won't look big at all. Certainly not a clubbing type bag. In fact, I think the M/L is still too big for clubbing. Maybe get another caviar but smaller like the E/W or a clutch like habanerita said.
  4. I love the jumbo because it is so versatile and you can use it day to night, I'd use a hands free bag like the WOC for clubbing and keep the jumbo for restaurants/ day use.
  5. I totally agree with you. I really don't like the jumbo as a club/ evening out bag. I find it too big, chunky and not very dressy.

    I love it as a day bag! Have you considered purchasing a timeless clutch for *night out bag*?keep the jumbo and just find a small bag for when you need it.
  6. Im 5'6 and LOVE the jumbo....Id NEVER get rid of my black one..its the best bag ever.
  7. The jumbo is a great everyday bag! But as the others said, a smaller bag, like a WOC would be better for going out with.
  8. I agree. :yes:
  9. The Jumbo is great, I am 5'6 too, I can adjust the chain in 3 different lengths and create 3 different looks, this is one of my favorite Chanels!!
    For clubbing, you might want to consider something else apart from medlarge, an EW, mini or woc might be more appropriate, MHO.
  10. I think the jumbo is the ideal size. The best bag to buy is one you can wear for daily use. As other posters said, you could always get a smaller, going-out bag later.
  11. I am agreeing with everyone else here. The jumbo is the perfect size.
  12. I think you made a great choice. the jumbo is a great every day bag and for the price, it's justified. Now that you have that, you can save and search out a bag for clubbing. I think it's a better decision to first splurge on a bag you'll use alot opposed to one you'll use once/twice a week.
  13. Thanks a lot guys. I feel so much better afterall it was from the pictures on the forum that I fell in luv with the Jumbo. Thanks
  14. the jumbo is a perfect size (L) enjoy her!
  15. Rulebabe- I intend on purchasing my Jumbo at Heatrow too, do you happen to remember how much you paid?

    Also, I think you'll get more wear out of the Jumbo because as people have pointed out it's a great day bag but can also be used at night. Enjoy it...I can't wait to get mine. Except now I'm fnding it difficul to decide between the gold HW and the silver.