recent splurges??

  1. So what is everyone's latest beauty splurge?

    Mum and I went crazy at Lancome yesterday, and I got:

    Magi Noir (well we are going to share :p)
    Definicils mascara
    Face cream for dryness (I love this stuff, its in a pink tube)
    the awesome (!!) new juicy tubes set. I love all the colors included

    also went to TJ Maxx and got Lancome brush set for $20! I was really happy, I needed a new foundation brush
  2. I'm going to Ulta this weekend to get a new CHI flat iron!!!
  3. GHD flat iron is on its way home to mama as we speak!! I just might smooch the UPS guy, hehehehe.
  4. I haven't really gotten much makeup lately... just Elizabeth Arden toner, Biotherm cleanser, Iod face cream, Stila lip gloss/lip tint and a few Bare Escentuals products (foundation, face lifting duo and mineral veil) Oh, and I got the Avon face highlighter in warm shimmer and cool shimmer, and the Estee Lauder Tom Ford face highlighter :flowers:)
  5. I got Chanel Bronzer and Glossimer today at NM
  6. A huge order yesterday from Lush's new Christmas stuff!
  7. I got Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, concealer, and lip stain
  8. i put in an online order with MAC for 4 eyeshadows to make smoke up my green eyes plus an eyeliner. before that, i had a little splurge at Dior: Dior Addict gloss, ProCheeks blush, DiorShow Unlimited mascara, and whatever they call their lipglosses in little pots that you put on with a brush!
  9. not as crazy as i usually go, but just bought a Chanel poudre universelle compact and a NARS duo (pretty good, compared to my Stila binge this summer!)
  10. I went on a binge at Sephora about a month ago..right before I went on vacation. I think this is what I bought (what I can recall anyway):

    Frederic Fekkai Shampoo, 2 Stila eyeliner pencils, NARS lipgloss, NARS lip liner, 2 nail polishes, 2 makeup brushes, 3 Bare Escentuals products, and facial cleanser/toner/makeup remover in travel size.

    I know I am forgetting stuff too....that's so sad.

    I also paid a little visit to the Chanel counter today....not too much damage (but just enough to enable me to leave the store with a grin!): :yahoo:

    Eyeshadow quad (Demure)
    Glossimer (Sundress)
    Eyeliner (Espresso)
    Lipliner (Natural)

    At least I got some free samples for my mini-splurge (like THAT evens things out..........)
  11. In the past month, I've bought:

    glycolic toner and drying lotion from Mario Badescu
    cleanser and sunscreen from
    MAC nail polish
    Thierry Mugler perfume
    2 VS perfumes (not really a splurge, I just had to pay shipping)
    3 Labello lipbalms

    Besides the TM perfume, I didn't buy anything expensive. All those little things just add up :push:
  12. My last one wasn't all that big but let me share still:

    -Chanel Teint Innocence compact
    -Chanel Inimitable mascara
    -OPI St Petersburgundy and My Private Jet

    Lovin' them all!!
  13. CD foundation
    Benefit Brow Zings & Dandelion
  14. I'm converting to 100% natural skincare & toiletries after hearing about how much carcogenic ingredients there are in our skincare!

    Eye Cream
    Moisturising Gel Face Mask (I use it as an extra face moisteriser in cold weather)

    Extra Virgin Olive Soap
    Aromacreme Deodorant
    American Cream Hair conditioner
    Trichomania Shampoo

    For those if you who are interested in finding out what is in your toiletries, my friend recommended this fantastic website where you can search by brand or product:
  15. MAC pigment ;)